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A gift to yourself – Monday Motivator 18 December 2017

“My self esteem is high, because I honour who I am.”      Louise Hay

Hi lovely motivation seekers, hope you have had a fabulous week and you managed to practise being in the present moment.  Remember, change comes about little by little, just baby steps practised consistently and persistently are all it takes to get the life, relationships and career or business that you have always wanted.  It is all there waiting for you!

I hope you like my little cartoon!  There of course is a message, as there always is.  Think about it, how long did you believe in Santa for?  I bet it was 7 or 8 years and even then, you probably wanted to go on believing!  If you could believe in Santa for that long, isn’t it possible to believe in yourself for just a day at a time, or even an hour at a time, or even 5 minutes at a time?  Start with whatever becomes possible.  This is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, the gift of self love and acceptance, which leads to self belief.

Once, you have learnt the art of believing in yourself, which does involve putting yourself first, the world becomes a much easier place to live in.  Having strong inner belief in yourself makes you unstoppable.  How would it be, if you could be unstoppable, if there was no fear of failure.  What would you be doing?  Where would you be going?  Who would you be with?  Think through these questions this week.  Write them down to make them even more real.  You can try this worksheet to create a vision of what you want for your future.

Just click on the link: get to the heart coaching tool to get started.  Hint, leave it till after Christmas, when you are on holiday and feeling relaxed and rested.  It will be a brilliant start for your New Year.

Another awesome thing to practise over the next few days is affirmations that re-inforce that strong self belief.  Trust me, these really work and have been proved scientifically to make a difference.  Always start an affirmation with “I am”, then follow that with a positive statement that turns around a limiting belief that you may have.  Then just do them!  Over and over, at least twice a day, 10 times each time.  Do them when you wake up, when you are in the shower, when you are driving – whenever works for you.  Plaster them all around you, keep them in your purse.  This is all just neuroplasticity at work – retraining your brain to replace limiting beliefs and thoughts with empowering ones.  Before you know it, you will have transformed.  How brilliant is that?

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful, exciting, happy and safe Christmas.  I also hope that 2018 will be an awesomely wonderful year for you.  Thank you so much for reading these Motivators, I love bringing them to you and helping to make a difference for you.  I will be having a small break and will send out my next Monday Motivator on Monday 15th January.  I look forward to catching up with you next year.  Love and best wishes to you all.