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Balancing it all.

“Life is all about balance.  You don’t always need to be getting stuff done.”

Lori Deschene

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Did you have a good week and did you get started on the practise of being in the “now”?  I love to hear from you, so send me an email or post on my FB page to let me know how it all went for you.  At this busy time of year, that practise can make quite a difference for you.

Of course, it’s especially important when we are really busy that we don’t just work, as our quote says, you don’t always need to be getting stuff done.  It seems more and more that we are all so focused on doing stuff.  Taking time out is essential to our wellbeing.  I learnt that the hard way this past week.  I have been massively busy and burning the candle at both ends for the last couple of months.  I kept trying to look after me, but there never seemed to be enough time for that.  What happened this week was that my body said enough!  I have had a strep throat, horrible chesty cough and been very sick for the last 5 days.  Nothing got done in that time!  All I was capable of doing was sleeping and resting.  The weird thing is, that it came as a shock to me.  I thought I was doing ok, but if you aren’t giving your body what it needs as far as rest, relaxation, good food and time to recharge, your body takes charge and just forces you to take the rest you need.  Bummer!!!  Let’s not let it get to that stage.  Learn from my mistake and ensure that you look after you.

Make small changes to get more balance in your life

If you are so busy and so many areas of your life are out of control, a good place to start is by doing the Life/Balance Review worksheet.  Click here for that.  This will help you discover the areas of your life that need some attention.  What I highly recommend is that you focus on making small changes in that one area.  Don’t tackle your whole life in one fell swoop… will be too much for you and will lead to feelings of overwhelm and failure.  So small changes, in one area of your life.

Ask for help with this

This is where I nearly always go wrong!  I know, I’m a coach, I should know better.  But even coaches need coaching.  You can’t do it all alone.  Enlist the help of someone you know and trust, someone who will be supportive and help you make the changes that you need to.

Get a self care programme going

This is essential for us all and if I had been doing that, I wouldn’t have got sick.  But I let the busyness take over.  Make time each day to do something that centres you.  It can be meditation (even 10 minutes is good), Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise classes, walking in nature, eating healthily and mindfully.  Spending time with friends who uplift you, can make a big difference.  Practising gratitude as well is major, before you go to sleep, think of the 3 things you are grateful for and give thanks for them.  You will sleep better too.  Speaking of sleep, make sure you have as much as you need.  We all know what it takes for us, some can get by on 6 hours/night, but most need 8 hours.  If you need more (I do from time to time), make sure you get it!

I hope that has helped you this week and that you have a truly lovely, well balanced week.