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Becoming unstoppable – Monday Motivator 29 January 2018

“Whatever the mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

Hi Motivation Seekers, welcome to another week and another motivator.  Hope you had fun last week coming up with your 3 big goals for the year.  This week I want to give you some tips on how to make this achievable.  Our quote is a clue!  It’s up to us to find ways to believe and I have a few little tricks from my tool box to help you with that.

First – You will have set your goals that are timed, so now you need to work backwards with the actions to be taken to achieve the goal.  Goals that are written down are incredibly powerful and more likely to be achieved than if they are just in your head, however you do need to work out the actions to take to achieve the goal.  For example, if you want to achieve something by the end of the year, figure out what you need to have done by quarter 9, what you need to have done by quarter 6, by quarter 3, this month, this week.  Break it down into little, do-able chunks that will have your progressing before you even realise you are doing it…..don’t you love that?

Second – Once you have done that, ask yourself the following questions:

What could stop me?

What can I do about it?

Do I need to stop doing something, start doing something, do more off or less off?

Really think about this and get some honest answers.  Once you know that, you can do the stuff that stops you getting stopped.  You may need to practise some affirmations to overcome a negative mindset or to grow your self belief.  Maybe you need to make sure you have time for you to recharge your batteries and operate in an energised and motivated way.  I go through stages of being stopped, just like anyone does.  The things that work for me are: Affirmations, visualisations, socialising with like minded people, having time in nature, meditating, journalling, and last but not at all least – exercising.  The exercising is done with other people and doing stuff that I like doing.  We don’t want it to be a chore or we just won’t want to do it.  Contact me click here if you want help with any of the strategies that lead to a motivated you.  I can give you some ideas and personal tips either by email or phone.

Third – this is a really important step and one that is a lot of fun!  That is to take your annual plan and turn it into a vision board.  Get a board (warehouse has corkboards for $20), paste/pin pictures on it of all the things you want to achieve this year.  You can just google them and print them out rather than poring through magazines.  Go with images that you respond to emotionally.  We are tricking your brain into believing you can do this, and putting it out to the Universe – because that’s how it works!!!  Put the board somewhere you can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night….happy visualising.

You can do, be, have whatever you want if you just believe you can.  Hope you have found this series on goal setting worthwhile, and it has got your year off to a good start.  Have a great week and see you here next week.