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Being Decisive

“Do not plant your dreams in the field of indecision, where nothing ever grows but the weeds of ‘what if’.”


Hello Happy Motivated people, how has your week been?  Did you act on last week’s Motivator and take action, or is that still a work in progress?  That’s fine if it is, life is a work in progress.  Even if we take small, baby steps, we are still moving forward.

I thought I would continue on with our theme of taking action and talk this week about being decisive.  This is probably one of the things that holds us back most of all – should we, shouldn’t we?  How to decide?  Not being able to decide then leads to anxiety, stress and overwhelm which then leads to more indecisiveness.

Don’t you love this quote?  Do you have a field full of the weeds of “what if”?  Not only is the field of indecision full of that, it is also full of doubts, fears and negativity.  Usually if we can take action and make a decision, that all falls away.  It doesn’t matter that much if it isn’t the right decision, the important thing is that we make the decision.

This is so important in running your own business.  Decision making can cripple us – is this the right thing to do, will this take us where we want to go, what if it doesn’t work out?  Those questions can run around in our heads for ever and ever and can really hold up our progress.  Particularly if you are employing staff, nothing will demoralise staff more than a boss who can’t make a decision.  Can you do anything about this?  Is it possible to become more decisive?  Most definitely, yes!  Here are my top tips:

1. Talk it over with someone you trust and respect. 

You know the saying, two heads are better than one?  Being able to discuss your options with someone else can help clarify the best approach to take, or you may even discover another option that you hadn’t thought of.  Brainstorming in a group can work really well too.  Especially if this is a decision that you just can’t see an answer for.

2. Revisit your vision and values.

Being clear on where you are headed and why is vital to decision making and can in fact assist you to make the right decisions.  It is so easy to go off at a tangent and head off on the wrong path, if you don’t have a crystal clear vision of where you want to get to.  In the early days of our business, we tried all sort of things – wholesaling, selling to supermarkets throughout NZ, franchising, you name it, we tried it.  If we had stopped to think about our vision and checked in with our values, I doubt if we would have tried half of the things we did.  I don’t regret the decisions we made though, as while they may not have been the right decisions, we learnt from them.  The thing is that the learning wouldn’t have been so hard won if we had clarified the big picture of what it was we really wanted.  If you don’t have a clear vision and values, I can help you with that.  Click here to get in touch to book a vision/values building session.  This is a brilliant way to help you focus on the important stuff and start working towards it.

3. Prioritise your decision making

Focus on the things that are going to make a difference.  Rather than having a dozen different decisions to tackle, look at which ones will take your business or career further.  They are the ones that need your attention and efforts.  The others will just be nice to have’s and can either be delegated or postponed.  Concentrate on the big thing that will make a difference.  A great example of this was when NZ were trying to win the America’s Cup in 1995, every decision was made around the compelling question, “will it make the boat go faster”.  They knew this was the key to success, they had to have the fastest boat, that was their focus, and nothing else mattered.  Give that a go this week.  Is there one thing that you could do that is going to make a difference to your business or career?  Then every decision can be made around achieving that one thing.  Ours is, “will it make the customers love us”, everything else is absolutely secondary to that.

4.  Do a pro/con analysis

This is a tried and true method of sorting out what you should do.  It is so simple and can often give clarity over which option to take.  You start at the top of the page with the decision to be made, then list the options and the pros/cons of each.  The answer nearly always just jumps out at you when you try this.

5. Take time out to recharge your batteries

This is essential to good decision making.  We need to do the stuff that gets us into the right head space to be able to deal with problems and make good decisions.  There are so many things that we can be doing to achieve this, and it will vary for everyone, however essentials are: enough sleep, exercise, time with people you love, time for yourself, good nutritional food, meditation, regular holidays and/or time in nature.  If you think you don’t have enough time for all this, then I would say that you have to accept that you won’t be operating as the best version of you, so it’s a choice you have to make.  You wouldn’t say that you don’t have time for a shower or doing your teeth, they are essentials as are the habits that will get your mindset working for you.

This has been a long Motivator this week, but I think decision making is an area that most people really struggle with, so I hope it’s made a difference for you.  Have an absolutely decisive week and please get in touch if you want to discuss any of this further.