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Being Values Driven

“Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way.”

Stephen Covey

This is a picture of me with my family.  I have the most amazing husband and fantastic sons, along with 5 wonderful grandchildren.  I feel truly blessed and very lucky.


Hi there Motivated people, how was your week?  I hope you had a good one and that last week’s Motivator helped you and that you are managing to stay positive through these tough times.

This week I wanted to talk about values and the need for us to be aware of what they are and to live our lives, manage our careers and our businesses around these values.  As our quote from Stephen Covey states, everything works when your life is aligned with your values.  It it doesn’t, it can result in stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Our early business experience

I recall when we first started our business, we were quite clear on what our values were, the reason for the business was pretty much so that my husband could look after our school aged children while I worked full time as an accountant.  Family came first and foremost and the business was to be part-time.  It didn’t work out that way.  It took up more and more time, we ended up with commercial premises and the business grew and grew.  Eventually we were both working very long hours and I remember feeling sick about it.  I felt like I was on a treadmill that I could never get off.  It was a horrible feeling and I was very unhappy at that time.

We had a reasonably successful business but we had no work/life balance and felt that we had no time to be a family.  This was so far from how I wanted to live my life and for us to be the sort of parents we wanted to be.  We had lost sight of our values around family.  If we had re-visited those values and kept them to the forefront of our decisions, we would have done things differently.  At the time, I didn’t even know why I was so unhappy, but the main reason was that  our values weren’t aligned with our business or with my career.  The ironic thing is, that the business would have benefited even more if we could have aligned our values.  We would have been running it better as we would have worked smarter, been more empathetic, and far more productive if we were living true to our values, not to mention the fact that we would all have felt a lot happier.

Helping others

This experience is the main reason that I became a coach.  I especially wanted to work with small, family run businesses, to help them run their businesses profitably, whilst having time for themselves and their families.  I wanted to help business owners avoid the problems that we had faced in our business.  It’s the reason I do what I do, and it brings me a lot of happiness, because it is truly aligned with my values of helping others.

Clarify your values

If you have never thought about your values, I urge you to give it some thought.  Being clear about your life values, clarifies who you are, what you’re about and helps you make decisions about your future. It can even help reveal your purpose in life.   I have included this worksheet to help you discover your values.   Core-Values-Worksheet  Once you have done this, think about bringing those values into every aspect of your life.  They should feature in your relationship, in how you parent, in how you work, in how you play, in how you have fun.  Then you can use them in decision making, asking how does this align with my values?  If it doesn’t, it makes the choice easy – you don’t go down that path.

Get in touch if you want to ask anymore about this, or if you just want to share your values with me, click here to contact me. Have an absolutely brilliant week, following the values you uncover for yourself which can bring you peace and happiness.