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Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

“We all live our life in chains and we never even know we have the key”

From “Already Gone” by the Eagles

How are you lovely Motivation Seekers?  Hope you had a fabulous week and got started on overcoming fear of failure.  I love when I can make a difference for others, that’s why I got into coaching and I love that I can bring you some motivational messages each week to get you through your Monday especially and hopefully the rest of your week, and who knows…..maybe the rest of your life!

I love this quote and it got me thinking about the story of the circus elephants. Have you ever noticed that elephants in the circus are tethered to a little post in the ground?  They are very strong animals, how can that possibly hold them?  It holds them because the elephant thinks it holds them and that they can’t escape.  They are tethered when they are very small, they try to pull away and can’t, so as they get older, they just accept that as the norm.  Their brain has been imprinted with the idea that they can’t escape from that small post in the ground, and that becomes their reality.  Even though they are strong and could easily escape, they don’t even try because their previous learning/patterning has held them prisoner more than that little post in the ground ever could.

Does that sound familiar to you?  Have you started to become aware of ways that you are held captive?  So often, we don’t know where those patterns come from or begin to understand what we can do about it.  That’s where coaching can really help, but to get you started, I do have some tips for you.

1. Identify repeating patterns where you are self sabotaging.  If you have found there is a repeating pattern of self sabotage going on for you in various areas of your life, that is almost certain to come from something hurtful from your past that wasn’t dealt with emotionally at the time.  Everyone automatically thinks of the major things in their lives like death or divorce or redundancy, which certainly will have a major impact.  However, it can also be really trivial things too though, some little thing that someone said to you at a crucial point in your life that has resulted in a limiting belief about yourself.  It may have come from a teacher, or parent or some other significant person in your life.

2. Keep a journal to help reveal the patterns. This can help you discover the things that are holding you back.  Write a few lines each day, talking about your feelings and emotions and what is going on for you that day.  You may start to see patterns emerging.  Once, you start that, the incident when you first felt that way, can sometimes just pop up for you out of the blue.  I find this happens often after meditating.

3. Use affirmations to change the limiting belief – When you know where it came from, how you felt, why you felt that way, you can then change it.  You can simply change the thought by an affirmation that empowers rather than limits you.  Repeat it daily, practise it constantly until it becomes a new, empowered and motivating pattern for you.

You can then go on to create a new way of being and a fantastic new life for yourself.  Unlike the elephants, you have the key to releasing the chains that are binding you.  If you want to find out more about this, email me and book a first free coaching session click here.

Have a brilliant week, finding some insights and creating new ways of being.