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5 Tips for Abundant Thinking

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life, is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle Hello Motivation Seekers, how's your week been?  Hoping it was ok and if it was

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Living a life of service is the key to joy.

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy.  I awoke and saw that life was service.  I acted and saw that service was joy." Tagore Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  I hope you all had an amaz

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Feel the fear and do it anyway

"Fears are nothing more than a state of mind." Napoleon Hill Hi Motivation Seekers, how was your week?  Did you manage to have a perfection free week?  I hope so and I hope it took the press

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Give up being perfect

"Perfectionism is self destructive, simply because there's no such thing as perfect.  Perfection is an unattainable goal." Brene Brown Hello Motivation Seekers, how's your week been?  Hope y

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Take time to recharge.

"We take better care of our smartphones than ourselves.  We know when the battery is depleted and recharge it." Arianna Huffington Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  First of all, big apol

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The key to life transformation

"The moment you accept responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you gain the power to change anything in your life." Hal Elrod [caption id="attachment_1374" align="aligncenter" wid

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Learning to let go

"Letting go of all the things weighing you down, makes room to create your best life." Jann Meehan Hi lovely Motivated people, how are you?  Sorry to be a bit late with the Motivator this wee

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Learning to say NO

"It's only by saying "no" that you can concentrate on the things that are really important." Steve Jobs Hi Motivation seekers, how are you?  Has your week gone well and have you got some new

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“Five Top Tips for Good Time Management

"Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves." Lord Chesterfield Hi lovely Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Was your week a good one and did you get some new habits f

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Making your daily habits work for you

"Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us.  We become what we repeatedly do." Sean Covey Hi Motivation Seekers, hope you have had a wonderful week and were able to s

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