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Change your mind, change your world

“Change your mind, change your intentions, change your habits, then change your world.”


Hello motivation seekers, how’s your week been?  I hope you were able to focus on some positive thinking during the week after last week’s motivator.  I had so much feedback from that post, which makes me realise that we are all in the same boat, all battling the dreaded “inner voice”.  Remember, it is just a daily choice, or even a minute by minute choice to be positive.  Make that choice and things will start to change.  Life will get better and you will feel better about it.

Speedo Mick – an inspiration

Following on from this, I was inspired by a story I read during the week about a guy in the U.K., called Speedo Mick.  What inspired me was how he has managed to change his world.  He was previously a drug addict, an alcoholic and homeless.  He turned around his world and now raises money for charity, through doing long distance walking, wearing his speedos.  I know, it sounds weird, but he has purpose and meaning and he has been massively successful, raising more than 300,000 pounds.  Here is the link to find out more about him (be warned, he is always in his speedos!)

What an amazing story.  The human spirit is an awesome thing.  To go from rock bottom like he has done and to turn his entire life around, to make a difference for others, is truly astounding.  What is more astounding, is that we are all capable of the same.  We all have within us the ability to be amazing, to be heroes, to make the world a better place.  Yet, most of us don’t think of ourselves that way.  We minimise who we are and what we are capable of.

Fear stops us

Why would we do that?  It is nearly always fear that is behind that.  Fear of looking stupid, fear of failing, fear of raising our heads up, fear of what people will think.  All those fears just keep us trapped.  Sadly, it can prevent us from being our true selves.

Change your thoughts, change your world

What is the answer?  The answer is within our quote, start with changing your thoughts, when you do that, you change your actions, then you change the results you achieve, which ends up changing your world.  It’s all about perception, which is created by our thoughts.  Life is only what we think it to be.  Think it’s pointless and meaningless, like Speedo Mick did and that’s the reality he created.  He then went on to create an amazing new reality, through stepping up, taking responsibility, going right outside his comfort zone and doing things for others who are in the situation he was previously in.  How courageous and heroic, a true super hero in speedos, leaving fear behind and making a positive difference in the world.

Could that be you?  What difference do you want to see in the world?  Will you be the next super hero that the world needs?  It doesn’t have to be done overnight, as I always say, start with baby steps.  Start with changing your thoughts, start tomorrow, and build on that each day during the week ahead.  Practise new ways of being, through new ways of thinking and create a new world for yourself and the people in it. Have a fabulous, heroic, super hero kind of a week this week.