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Creating an abundant money mindset – Monday Motivator 23 April 2018

“I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.”

Hi Motivation Seekers, hope you had a great week.  How did you go with finding those pesky, little sabotaging thoughts and beliefs around money?  Did you have any amazing insights?  Have you discovered what is stopping you and holding you back from attracting abundance into your life?  I hope you have got started on that, as this week we are going to go to the next step and turn around those limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Our quote this week, is in fact an affirmation.  If you don’t use these, I highly recommend that you start.  I have had clients tell me they don’t work for them, but it is usually because they haven’t practised them enough or for long enough.  What an affirmation does is creates new neural pathways in your brain.  These new pathways will replace the old ones that have held you back until now.  It takes at least a month to create a new neural pathway.  I know, it seems ages – but what is a month out of a lifetime?  It is well worth it, if it stops sabotage and starts a positive mindset.

So that is my first suggestion to transform the beliefs that you discovered last week.  Create power statements that transform the limiting ones.  For example, if you have always been saying something like: “I never have enough money, there’s just not enough to go around”, transform that by saying something like: “I am a money magnet, I attract money to me, there’s more than enough for me and for everyone.”  The key to this is to find an affirmation that resonates with you.  It should come straight from your heart and you will know when it feels right.  Then say that aloud at least 10 times, 3 times a day for at least 30 days.  Then you have to tell me what happens in that time.  I want to know how things change for you.

My second suggestion is a very powerful NLP technique that helps you visualise how you want things to be.  You do this in quite a unique way and I think you will find it transforming.  It is part of getting clear on what it is you want and creating a clear picture of that.  Those two things alone can transform things for you. Click NLP Visualisation Exercise to access the exercise.  Practise this daily for 30 days too.  I find it helpful to do this last thing at night before I go to sleep, but do what works for you.  I just feel a late night visualising helps my brain retain the imprint of what I want.

You can also create a vision board of what it is you want to achieve.  This also works by helping attract to you all that you want in your life.  It helps your brain believe it!  I attracted my house by the sea this way.  See my vision board below, along with the picture of the view from my place.

This worked by clarifying for me what it was I wanted for my house by the sea.  It was more about family and creating happy family times than it was about the house.  Once I knew that, everything magically fell into place.  Worth a try isn’t it?  I know so many clients who have done this and achieved stuff they never thought possible.

Have fun with all this, have a great week just playing around with it.  Next week, we will look at goal setting, so that the you can start taking action on all these great visions you are creating.