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Daily Habits – the Key to Transforming your Life

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John Maxwell

Hi Motivation Seekers, how’s your week been?  Hope it’s been a good one.  I got some great feedback from last week’s post – a few of you really got the message that bullshit stories are all that are holding you back.  This week, I thought I would look at something else you can do about that by simply changing your daily habits.

I know!  It seems too simple, doesn’t it?  It’s true though, this is the key to transforming your life.  Just changing small, daily habits can lead you to the successes that you want to achieve.  Don’t believe me?  Think about people you admire.  People you look up to, who have done fantastic things.  These are the people who inspire you and who amaze you with their abusiness_coaching_-_daily_success_habitschievements, their kindnesses and humanity.  Let yourself think about what makes them that way? How are they different to the run of the mill person who just muddles along through life?  I bet they have certain things that really set them apart.


When I think of someone like that in my life, I think about an amazing boss that I had quite a few years ago.  He was an influential and successful man, who was also humble and always committed to bringing out the best in others.  He was a true leader.  I remember him quoting that “leaders were not those with many servants, rather they were the servants of many.”  He believed in servant leadership and lived it every day, through his daily habits.  He started work before anyone else.  We were supposed to start at 8am, he was there at 6am.  He finished later than everyone else.  He worked on one thing at a time, and only had that one thing on his desk at a time.  I learnt a lot from that.  It made me more focused and productive.  He had an “open door” policy, and always had time to listen to his team.  These were all daily habits, that underpinned and added value to his “servant leadership” philosophy.  Very inspiring!

So, let’s start this week by thinking about the people in your life who you admire.  Why do you admire them?  Can you bring some changes into your daily life that could make a difference in your life/career/business?  If you are struggling to discover what this could be, try using this worksheet to get underway with this: business_coaching_-_daily_success_habits  I know you will find this helpful.  The great thing about this exercise, is that it is not hard to do.  Small changes to daily habits, can make big changes to your life.  Give it a go, make this the week that you start making some small daily changes and see what a difference it can make.  Have a fabulous week.