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Developing an Optimistic Outlook

“Optimism.  It’s not just a mind set, it’s behaviour.”

Larry Elder

Hello and happy Motivated Monday once again.  How did your week go?  Did the Motivator help, were you able to overcome your obstacles and find ways to stop getting stopped?  I really hope that worked for you.  We need this more at this time than ever.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all the doom and gloom, which made me want to talk about optimism this week.

I heard a lady being interviewed about Optimism on the National programme on Saturday.  It was interesting and even though I knew most of what she was saying, it was still a good reminder for me and inspired me to share it with you.

She mentioned that studies had shown that optimistic people live longer and tend to be more successful.  She also said that optimistic thought led to people being able to behave optimistically.  Sounds pretty simple really doesn’t it?  Yet it is profound, as our quote says, this is not just to do with mind set, it’s to do with our actions as well.  I have spoken before about the belief/action/result model and I think it would be worthwhile to go through that again for you.  Here is the model:

You start with a thought/belief/emotion which leads into the actions you take, which in turn leads into the results you get, which again feeds back into and reinforces, the thought/belief/emotion. It can be a loop of “can do” or “can’t do”, depending on what the belief is that starts it.  It stands to reason that if you begin with an optimistic belief, your action will be positive and so will your results.  The opposite is true if you start with a pessimistic belief.  Take as an example a belief about money.  If you start with a belief that money is hard to come by, your actions will be based on that belief, to the extent that you will disempower yourself in your ability to make money, you won’t attract it to you, you will even actively work against acquiring money, as having it doesn’t fit your belief that it is hard to come by.  Then the results are that you never have any money, which feeds back into your belief that it is hard to come by.  How often have you heard people tell you that they never have any money.  They never will either whilst they go around with this belief and that pessimistic outlook.

It all starts with an optimistic outlook, a belief in the positive outcomes, which will play out in positive behaviour and actions, which will then get you the results you’ve always wanted.  Being optimistic, positive and expecting the best creates that for you.  It’s one of the most powerful things you can ever do.  It’s looking for the good in bad situations, finding hope where there seems to be none.  The good news is that you can train yourself to become more optimistic.

I remember my parents even giving me advice in this, telling me to look on the bright side, (I wasn’t particularly optimtistic in the past), that was excellent advice, but of course I had to wait a while until I realised that!  The teacher comes, when the student is ready.  I hope you are ready to hear this, as it can make a huge difference to your life.

Start by becoming aware of your inner talk and the things you say to others.  Do you start off each day by complaining – it’s too cold, I’m too tired, it’s all too hard?  As a beginning exercise, just rephrase all that.  Think of 3 positive statements to make each morning, no matter how small.  It gets you into the right frame of mind at the start of your day, which will lead into more positive actions and results.  Give it all a go each day this week, and start your journey towards optimism.

Have an absolutely, positively wonderful week.