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Doubt Your Fears

“If we doubted our fears instead of doubting our dreams, imagine how much in life we’d accomplish.”

Joel Brown

How are you Motivation Seekers?  Did your week go well and did you get started on overcoming procrastination by chunking down your tasks?  I hope so and if you didn’t manage it, there’s always this week, it’s never too late to change.

I was thinking about procrastination during the week.  The biggest drive in procrastination is nearly always fear.  It may be fear of failure, it could even be fear of success, which when you think about it, seems pretty ridiculous.  The thing with fear is that our “cave man” brains are always trying to keep ourselves safe.  If there is a perceived threat or fear, we go into fight or flight mode, with survival being uppermost in our mind.  If that happens, when we are trying to meet a deadline, for example, we can become stopped and that’s when procrastination will kick in.

Diaphragm Breathing

What can we do to stop that happening?  Believe it or not – breathing helps!  I know, you’re thinking well obviously, it’s keeping us alive.  However, it’s much more than that.  Deep, diaphragm breathing slows down the panicky flight or fright thing, it brings us to a calmer place, it re-oxygenates the brain and makes us feel more in control.  So next time you feel anxious or panicky, with fearful emotions raging through your body, take time to just breathe deep and slow, in through the nose, out through the mouth, count up to 5 to make sure you are taking it nice and slow.  It really helps calm things down. Mind/body exercises help too, like Yoga or Tai Chi, they help to centre you and get everything back in alignment.

Don’t believe your fears

I know, it’s easier said than done.  Imagine though if you could do that?  Our quote is brilliant, what if you doubted your fears and believed in your dreams.  How different would your life be, if you could do that?  When I did my Life Coaching Diploma, we were taught about Fear, how to deal with it and how to help others deal with it.  They had an acronym for it FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.  That’s the thing to realise about our fears, they are in our minds and often we create them ourselves from stories we tell ourselves.  Is it real, how do you know it is real?  If you can create a big story around your fears, you can create a better story around your dreams.

Focus on your dreams

Do you let yourself dream?  Think of how you were as a kid, you had lots of dreams, schemes, plans, ideas were just bubbling away all the time.  As we get older, we are less likely to do that.  Just get back into it.  Spend some time just day dreaming, let yourself think “what if……”  We are brilliant about thinking of all the things that can go wrong in our lives and letting our fears run our lives.  Instead of that, let’s think of all the things that can go right.  Once we let ourselves do that, we attract that back to us.  We really do create our own reality.  So what’s your reality going to be?  Let yourself start creating the reality you want.  Get into it this week.  Give it your whole attention and make it your intention to let your dreams become real.

Have an awesome week, dreaming and believing your dreams rather than your fears.