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Feeling grateful – Monday Motivator 19 February 2018

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision of tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie

Hi Motivator Seekers, welcome to Monday!  Hope your week went well and you had fun overcoming your fears all week!  

I am feeling so blessed, we have been having big family celebrations and for the first time in 2 years, have my 3 boys (big boys now!), all together.  The image shows them and my youngest grandson Oscar.  That was taken at at big firework/classical music event held in Christchurch on Saturday night.  My heart felt it could burst, I was so happy, so grateful and full of love.  All feelings I want to hold and keep – which I know I can do.

It all starts with gratitude!  You might think it’s all very well being grateful having a beautiful family and spending good times together, what if you don’t have any of that?  You start by being grateful for what you do have.  That is the key to all this.  

I spent most of my life focusing on the things that weren’t so great.  I would feel that others had so much more than me.  That is a common thing these days, especially with social media presenting happy families and adventurous outings that can make you feel inadequate about yourself and your own circumstances.

Amazingly though, if you start focusing on things that you are grateful for, it will build and build.  You will find yourself seeing things through different eyes, and when you do that, you attract better things to you.  For those of you in business, this is particularly important.  Businesses are full of highs and lows, at times it can feel like it is all lows.  Taking time to be grateful for the things that work, or the things that you see as good is really important.  It is all about getting your mind into a positive and motivated place.  When you do that, you feel better and the spin off is that your business runs better, your staff are happier and you attract more opportunities to you.  Trust me… works!

So this week, give gratitude a go.  You can start really small, try noticing the little things in your day that make you feel grateful.  Anytime you start having a little pity party and feeling negative, think of one little thing that you are grateful for.  Build up to 3 things a day that you give thanks for, even better if you can share those.  I promise, you will feel happier, more at peace, more in the moment, more motivated about yourself and your life and everyone around you will notice a difference.  Lots of good stuff to come out of something that takes next to no time.  

Have a brilliant week, feeling grateful every day.