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Finding your WHY

“The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day.”

Tony Robbins

Hello lovely Motivation Seekers and Happy New Year to you all.  I hope everyone has had a lovely, relaxing break and if today is your first day back, hope it all goes well for you.

I did absolutely nothing over the break other than read, sleep, eat, drink, think and repeat, over and over.  I did manage some gardening too, which is always good for my soul, but I just did what I felt I needed to in order to recharge the batteries.  It worked, I feel totally re-energised and it’s a good feeling.

Find your why and get motivated

I know at this time of year, we are all into planning and goal setting, there’s something about a new year that motivates you to start thinking about this.  For that reason, I wanted to talk to you about finding your why.  If you do that first, before setting any goals you are much more likely to achieve your goals.  I believe it’s the main reason that we fail at goal setting.  We set goals that we “think” we should achieve, or even worse that someone else has suggested to us, like your well meaning Mother who mentions how much weight you’ve put on and you think you need to set a goal to lose that weight.  Is that going to motivate you, setting a goal that has been suggested to you?

It’s even more important to find the WHY in your career and your business.  It will never feel fulfilling unless you do.  As humans, we are hard wired to find meaning in our lives, usually it is something that inspires us, that makes a difference in some way that is really important to us.  I have a lovely, easy little exercise for you to check what is important to you and why that is.

An easy way to find your why 

Step 1 – Let yourself imagine how you want your life, business or career to be.  Visualise this using all your senses.  Alternatively, if you like writing you can write it down.  Just let yourself dream of this as if there was no way you could fail at it.  Write/imagine it as if it has already happened.

Step 2 –  Write down all the goals that you would need to make this happen.  It doesn’t have to be perfect yet!  Just go with your gut feelings and write down at least 3 top goals that you want to achieve this year.

Step 3 – For each goal, write down why it is important to you, then write down why that is important to you and keep going until you run out of why it is important, then you have your deep, core, straight from the heart WHY.  Then you will do anything to reach those goals.  They will be goals that are meaningful and important and totally aligned with your values.  If they don’t, try some others until you get the ones that make you feel that way.  You will feel fulfillment through those goals and won’t have to force yourself to meet them.  You will wake up each day wanting to get closer to those goals, how awesome will that be?

Have a brilliant week finding your WHY and as always, contact me click here if you want help or need to know more.