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Get your life in balance before it’s too late!

“Love your spouse more than you love your career, hobbies and money.  That other stuff can’t love you back.

Dave Willis

Hi there, Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Hope you managed to have a really good week and practised being kind to your self and to others.  I loved that our NZ Prime Minister’s message in her speech to the U.N. was about kindness!  Maybe she read the Monday Motivator!

I certainly found some challenges in being kind last week, for some reason there were lots of people around me that I didn’t feel too kind towards.  However, I remembered my “wise” words and just tried kindness.  Guess what happened?  Those people became easier to get along with which made it easy for me to be kind.  I love it when you can transform relationships and communication…..what a feel good!

So it seems natural this week to follow on with relationships and especially getting balance in your life.  The quote is a bit thought provoking, isn’t it?    By the way, replace spouse for partner – you don’t have to be married, for this quote to apply to you!  Where is your love focused? Are you too focused on your work/career/business?  I know I have always been pretty work focused and wondered why I wasn’t especially happy and always felt that my close relationships could be better.  At that time, I had no idea that the power lay within me to make changes so that I led the sort of life I had only ever dreamt of.

I must be a slow learner, because it didn’t really start sinking in until I was in my 50’s, after a lot of self study of positive thinking, learning about the Law of Attraction, improving my self awareness through leadership training and then training for my Life Coaching Diploma.  I finally learnt that to lead a happy and fulfilled life, we have to be balanced, our body, mind and spirit need to be aligned.

When I mention this to people, particularly business clients, they often see this as a “nice to have”.  Whereas I see it as a “must to have”.  Close relationships with partners and or family are quite often sacrificed in the building of a business or career.  Our relationships with those closest to us are the most important in our lives, so why do we get so distracted?  I know it’s hard especially in running a business, but unless we put our partners and families first, we are never going to be happy.  It will always feel empty and meaningless.  Even worse, it leads to resentment, anger, hurt and isolation.

What can you do about that?

At the risk of repeating myself……if you want things to change, you have to change.  Make it your intention to make things better.  Be loving and kind.  Make time for the important people in your life.  Get more balance in your life, so that it isn’t all about work.  If it is beyond you to do this, get help with it.  It can be done.  If I can do this, anyone can!

A great way to get started is to do the life/balance review, click here to download it.  Print off 2 copies and give one to your partner.  Then do the review separately and then compare each and see what things you can do to get closer, be more inclusive with each other, create a better home life, make time for exercise etc etc.  I can offer you a free, first session to go through the results with you and help you get a plan together for your future happiness and well being, just click here to contact me and make an appointment.

The ironic thing is when you do this, you become even more successful in your business and/or career.  Have a brilliant week, concentrating on getting more balance in your life.