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Getting out of your comfort zone

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

Hello Motivation Seekers.  How has your week been?  Hope it was a good one for you.

Our quote this week is from good old Abraham Maslow – yes him of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.  Smart guy!  This quote says it all really.  We are either stepping forward, taking risks and letting ourselves grow or staying stuck in our safety net, our comfort zone that seems the safest option for us.

It’s a shame isn’t it, that to grow we need to move away from fear? In fact we need to embrace fear, that’s the road to growth, but that just seems too hard at times.  If we’re honest, it’s probably too hard most of the time.  The crazy thing is though that when we face the fear, do the thing we absolutely dread, it’s never as bad as we think it’s going to be.  When we face our fears, we grow and they diminish….how good is that?

What can we do to overcome our fears?  I have heaps of tools to help with this.  Most of them are around building ourselves up – sort of psyching ourselves up to beat the fear.  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Have a clear vision of what you want.  Being absolutely clear and motivated helps you do whatever it takes.  You are more likely to be able to do that if you have a compelling vision that has a bigger purpose and has real meaning for you.
  2. Acknowledge your achievements, and think of other times when you have overcome your fears.  In particular, think of a time when you overcame your fears and consequently felt more supremely confident than you ever have before.  Then you visualise this time, anytime you want to recreate that feeling of supreme confidence.
  3. Practise affirmations that make you feel more confident.  When we are fearful about something, our inner voice goes into overdrive, telling us all the negative stuff.  So what do we get?  The fearful feelings take over, they just  build and build.  Replacing that inner voice with positive affirmations diminishes the fears, and creates new, powerful neural pathways in your brain.
  4. Speak to others who have overcome the same fears.  Surround yourself with people who inspire you and support you to grow.
  5. Take little steps towards this.  Overcome your fears in an encouraging and supportive way to yourself.  Think of how we are with children when they try something new and get themselves out of their comfort zone.  We are so supportive and understanding and helpful towards them.  That’s how we should treat ourselves… a precious child, because that’s what we are!

Hope this is a start for you.  Getting out of your comfort zone is scary, but staying there is scarier.  Have a brilliant week, get in touch if you need to, I’m more than happy to help.