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Getting the Balance right for Perfectionists

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Winston Churchill

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Hope you aren’t too stressed in the lead up to Christmas.  Remember, to breathe, meditate and make time for you.  Did you enjoy last week’s Motivator – starting to take control of your own life….being the Director.  How did that go for you?  Let me know, I love hearing from you.


The quote from Winston Churchill this week is perfect for the Perfectionists among us!  This week’s Motivator was inspired by my husband, Martin.  He’s quite unusual in that he is a perfectionist, but he’s one who takes action, a little too much action!  That’s what got me thinking about this.  I was pretty cheesed off with him rushing in and doing things, taking action too fast, before being fully ready for whatever he’s doing.  I had been driving to work and thinking about his way of doing things and getting pretty angry.  Why couldn’t he just take time to get it right first?  Take time to prepare?  Then I realised that I do the opposite.  I have to dot every i and cross every t, before I start anything.  I can become crippled with preparation, “paralysis by analysis”, I heard it described as once. So, my problem is not enough action soon enough, while his is too much action too quickly.  What was the answer and who was right?


Get the Balance right

I don’t think either of us is right, though I have to admit Martin gets more results than I do.  If you never get around to getting it done, you never give yourself the opportunity to get it right or wrong.  Probably better to at least try, though I hate to admit that!  I do think though, that there needs to be a balance between rushing in and preparing to the nth degree.  So, that’s what I am suggesting this week that you aim for somewhere between what Martin & I do!  So if you are having trouble with this – either rushing in or taking forever, I have a couple of tips, which I’m going to be following myself this week.


Raise self awareness of what is going on

If we want to transform our actions or way of being, we first need to understand where it is coming from, what is behind the actions.  So answer this question: how am I being, what am I doing when I procrastinate?  In my case, I know it is driven with a feeling of “not good enough” along with a fear of getting it wrong.  Bugger that!  So, what I can do is some affirmations on being good enough.  Practise acknowledging who I am and what I have achieved.  Even just being kinder to myself helps in this.  Spending time with like minded people helps too.  Being around people who I admire is always motivating as well.  Also, making sure that I follow the strategies that keep me centred, grounded and less stressed.


Weirdly, even though I started off feeling annoyed with my “rushing in, taking action” husband, I can recognise and acknowledge that he does get stuff done.  So perhaps, I can try to emulate his way of being, with just a bit more care maybe!


What do you think?  Are you a “rushing in/getting it done now” person or “taking care/getting it right first” person?  Think about that this week and if it is a problem for you, follow the self awareness exercise above and see if you can get a more balanced approach to getting things done.  Click here if you want to discuss this further with me.  Have a great week, remember to pace yourself!