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Give up excuses – Monday Motivator 26 March 2018

“There are only two options – make progress or make excuses.”

Tony Robbins


Hi Motivation Seekers, welcome to another Monday Motivator.  Hope you got a bit of self empowerment going after last week’s Motivator.  If not, get in touch to get help – no point in waiting, do it today, click here to email me.

I was thinking this week about how we frequently get into the trap of giving all the reasons why we can’t or won’t do something.  I was specifically thinking of all the “buts” that we put in the way of our progress.  Then I came across this quote from Tony Robbins, which is perfect for us – make progress or make excuses, you can’t do both.

I was always doing the excuse thing.  When I was a busy Mum, I was always thinking – I’ll do such and such when I have more time, when the kids are older, when I know more, when I have saved enough, when I get a better job etc etc etc.

I have had clients who feel trapped in their jobs.  Who will tell you that they hate their jobs, but they can’t leave because they’re the breadwinner, they’re near retirement, they’re not sure they could get something else.  Are these just excuses?  They certainly all sound like good reasons, but if you are passionate about something, if there is something that you feel you are being called to do, you have to answer that call, in whatever way, shape or form that you can.  Why do I say that?  I say that because I know that you won’t ever be happy until you do.  Living half a life, dragging yourself through feeling “if only” is not a great way to live.

I read a story from the actor Jim Carrey, where he spoke about how his Dad would have been an amazing and successful comedian, but he took the safe route and kept working as an accountant.  Sadly, the safe route didn’t turn out so safe after all, as his father was made redundant and the family ended up living in a trailer park.  Jim Carrey said: “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you may as well take a chance on doing something you love.”  Brilliant advice, don’t you think?

So what do you want – excuses or progress?  It’s a no brainer really isn’t it?

Here’s something for you to try to get out of the “excuses” habit.  Practise noticing every time you make an excuse.  I suggest you really make that your focus this week.  You will start finding patterns in it.  Why you are making the excuses, and what is driving them – more than likely it will be fear.  Identify the fear behind the excuse, face it and replace it.  That’s when progress will start to happen.

Have a brilliant week making progress and let me know how you get on.