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Grow your self belief

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.”


Hi Motivation Seekers, how has your week been?  Hope you had a good week and that last week’s Motivator made a difference for you.

This week I want to talk about self belief.  It’s the thing that can make or break us.  If we can build our self belief, we can be unstoppable.  How amazing would that be?  Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to feel unstoppable and empowered and capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to?  Well you can!

You have already done the impossible before.  When you were a baby, you learnt to walk.  How did you achieve that?  How did you know to stand up and just try?  How did you keep going?  How did you know that you had to keep trying, keep adjusting, keep practising until you got it right?  You did it because you believed you could.  It is all there within you.  You have amazing abilities that can be unleashed if you just believe.

I mostly work with small business owners and the main thing that holds most of them back is the little voice saying “you can’t do this” or “it’s too hard” “I’m too stupid”, “I don’t know enough” “what if I fail” etc etc.  We let those little voices dictate our outcomes.  Think negative thoughts, take negative actions get negative results.  The very most important thing you will ever do in business is to be positive, as our quote says, tell yourself all the reasons why you can.  Your mindset is the driver in all of this.  Improve your mindset, everything else improves.

3 steps to improve your mindset and grow your self belief

Self Awareness – discover what beliefs and thoughts are holding you back.  They are usually recurring patterns of self sabotage.  e.g. always turning up late, not meeting deadlines, letting others take advantage of you, pleasing others too much, not being able to say no.  Start noticing what happens and why it happens.  A good way to raise self awareness is to keep a journal.  When I started doing that, I realised I had a lot of very negative thinking going on, which was a shock to me as I had thought of myself as quite a positive person!  The journal was the first step in realising that, then I was able to do something about it.

Affirmations – use positive affirmations to replace the limiting thoughts and beliefs.  When I did my coaching course, I discovered that my main core belief about myself was that I wasn’t good enough.  The affirmation I came up with was “I am perfect as I am.”  That felt very empowering for me.  It’s nice and short and I could repeat it often and just feel good.  You can take these affirmations even further, if you use an NLP anchoring technique.  Message me if you would like a pdf of this click here.  It’s an excellent confidence building exercise.

Be the parent you wished you’d had – most feelings of low self belief come from childhood.  That’s not to say that your parents were bad, but there would have been times when you didn’t get what you needed from that relationship.    You can now give that to yourself as an adult.  Be your own loving parent to you.  Let yourself be nurtured and supported and cared for, the way a loving parent would look after a well loved child.  This sounds a bit weird, but trust me it works!  As adults, we tend to expect a lot of ourselves and can find ourselves being judgemental if we don’t measure up to the high ideals we have set ourselves. Being our own loving, nurturing parent, giving ourselves unconditional love and acceptance can really raise our self belief.

I hope you have found this helpful this week and that you can start putting some of it into practise.  Get in touch if you need any further help or if you just want to have a chat.  Have a brilliant week.