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Growing an abundant mindset

“Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you.  Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.”

Abraham Hicks

Hello Motivated people, how’s your week been?  I hope the last two Motivators have got you off to a good start and that you have some awesome plans to be going on with to achieve your exciting goals for 2020.

One of the things that will make a big difference to your achievement of these plans is your attitude.  Having an abundant mindset will ensure you meet your goals.  We need to be constantly aware of our thoughts, those pesky, little negative thoughts have a way of creeping in, regardless of how much we plan and dream.  It’s the main thing that can stop us.  So, here are some tips on growing an abundance mindset:

  1. Give to others – giving opens the door to abundance.  As humans, we want to contribute, we want to make a difference and do things for others, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Particularly if we are struggling ourselves, the natural reaction is to become smaller and more fearful in our thinking, and that doesn’t leave anything else for others.  In contrast to that, when we contribute in a meaningful way, or even just show some kindness to others, we become more abundant.  These acts tune us into an abundance mentality, and make us feel better about ourselves and our purpose in life.
  2. Give up comparing yourself – This is a huge thing and I think it is becoming worse with Social Media.  We didn’t always get to know about other people’s lives so much before Social Media.  Now, it’s in our faces all the time and seeing the perfect lives being lived, with the perfect families, and awesome holidays, can make you feel inadequate.  It usually is not as it seems though.  Everyone of us, is just staggering through life, doing our best and making the most of it.  What it looks like to others, isn’t at all what it’s really like.  Even if it is, if someone else seems to have it all, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out.  If you want to live a fabulous life, being abundant is the first step.
  3. Being grateful for what you have – this follow on from not comparing yourself.  If you are grateful for your life, comparing yourself to others and envying them will just disappear.  Try, saying at the end of each day, 3 things you are grateful for.  When I first started this, I used to struggle with it, you need to practise it every day and it does getseasier and easier.  Start with small things eg things in nature, birds singing, a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous full moon.  Start noticing what’s around you and say thanks for it.  You will get to the stage, where you will even be grateful for the challenges in your life.  I have had several huge challenges in the last year, and it occurred to me the other day, that there has been so many good things to come out of these times, so I am grateful for them. When you feel like that, you are really tapping into being abundant.

I hope those tips help you.  Look for opportunities this week to practise them and see what a difference they make.  Have a brilliant week.