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Improving your Money Mindset

“If you want to make more money, you need to allow yourself to receive the money.”

Sarah Li Cain

Pretty young woman sitting on cloud next to cloud dollar signs

Hi Motivation Seekers, hope you’ve had a great week.  Did you ditch that pesky perfectionism?  I had a much better week letting perfectionism go.  It takes the pressure right off, which is pretty good.

Here in NZ, we have just finished the school holidays and kids are now back to school this week.  No doubt, you spent lots more money over the term break and I was thinking with Christmas just around the corner, it is quite timely to talk about our money mindset, with some ideas of how we can improve it.

Don’t you love our quote?  It seems ridiculous, why would you not let yourself receive money?  Amazingly though, this is frequently the case, we actively work against money coming in to our lives.  We do this entirely subconsciously and we do it through our thoughts and beliefs.  These are thoughts and beliefs that we have inherited from our families, where we were first taught money attitudes.  Every time you were told, “we can’t afford this” or “we don’t have enough money”, or “money is the root of all evil” or “rich people don’t care about others” or “money is hard to come by”,  your subconscious believes those thoughts, and that is what you attract to you.  Your thoughts create your reality.  Let’s try creating a better reality around money!

5 Top Tips to improve your Money Mindset

  1. What are your limiting beliefs? Take time to discover and unearth the limiting beliefs that you have about money.  Think about the thoughts in your head around what it means to you.  Is it evil?  Do you deserve it?  Do you feel you will never have enough?  Think about where these thoughts have come from.  Once you have identified them, you can change them.
  2. Turn those limiting thoughts into powerful, “in control” thoughts.  Create affirmations like “money comes effortlessly to me”, “I always have more money than I need”, “money gives me choices and freedom”.  By practising those new, powerful thoughts, you create new neural pathways in your brain.  These will be ones that work for you, rather than against you.
  3. Consider whether you are a spender or a saver, and why.  Before you go thinking one is better than the other, that’s actually not the case.  If you are a saver, because you feel there is never enough money and you are fearful that you won’t have enough, you will live a small, tight, constricted life where the concept of scarcity is at the forefront, and that is then what you attract.  I guarantee with those sort of beliefs, you might save but you will only ever save small time.  Of course, the opposite isn’t so hot either – where you just spend like there is no tomorrow and live way beyond your means.  We are looking for a balance here, one where the belief is that there is enough to go around and that with good management, we will always have enough.
  4. Take responsibility for money management.  Most people just leave it to chance or hope that it will all work out.  The spender will bang everything on the credit card and let the balance blow out, because what can you do, you need the “stuff” and credit card is the easy way to get it.  The saver can be just as bad, by just letting money accumulate in the bank, earning next to nothing and not getting their money working for them.  So getting a financial plan in place is important and it starts by analysing what you are spending and why and looking at what you can do better.
  5. Create a vision of how your life could be with enough money and let yourself dream of what you would like to spend that on.  Having a clear vision, helps you set clear goals so that you know where you are headed and why.  The clear vision will help you stay motivated and keep you on track.

Get started this week on improving your money mindset.  Make it your intention every day to think positive, affirming beliefs about money and it’s place in your life.  Once you start doing that, you will start the process towards living a more abundant, financially free life.  I have a pdf with some money management tips to help, click here to contact me if you want a copy.  Hope you have an absolutely brilliant, abundant, financially free week.