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It’s all about taking action

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.  If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy.”

Dale Carnegie

Picture of my husband, son and some of our bakers doing lots of baking  for our recent “post roadworks celebration.”


Hi Motivated people, welcome to another Monday Motivator.  Bringing you hope, encouragement and tips towards being your best self and getting the life/career/business you have always wanted.

Don’t you love our quote this week, from Dale Carnegie, an oldie but a goodie?  When times are tough, and we are having to struggle each day, taking action can become really hard.  Especially, if we are faced with things out of our control, we can become disillusioned and worry and angst can overcome us.  This all has the effect of making us hunker down, retreat and retract and stop taking any action.  This will never work.  I know from personal experience of being there and doing that, trust me it is a sure way to spiral down into depression, anxiety and won’t solve any problems.

It was all out of our control

The business I own with my husband has just been through 3 years of road works surrounding us.  We had a construction yard, right in front of our building and for most of that period, our cafe/bakery was invisible and inaccessible to the public.  Sales were dropping day by day and it was probably one of the most stressful periods we have encountered in over 34 years in business.  This was totally out of our control.  We tried to minimise the effects by communicating with the construction company and attempting to get support to see us through this.  Unfortunately, they were focused on building their motorway and didn’t really see the problems we were having, they were too focused on their own problems and the much bigger picture of building a motorway.

Focus on what you can control

What was the answer for us?  On the face of it, it would seem that we had no options, it certainly felt that way to us.  That isn’t correct though.  There are always options, and they are all to do with having a positive mindset and taking action on the things we can control to help make a difference.

Take action to move forward

We were determined not to lose our business, so we did what we had to do.  The emphasis being on – taking action on whatever would help us to survive.  We had to monitor cashflow really carefully, we had to talk to our financiers and get our loans restructured, and in the process of doing that, got a much better deal.  We had to monitor our wage ratios really closely, though we didn’t want to lay people off if we could avoid it.  How we did it was through attrition, as people left we didn’t replace them.  We constantly reviewed and revised job descriptions, roles, working hours.  We searched for better deals from our suppliers and managed to save thousands of dollars in doing that.  Our aim was to run the business as lean as we possibly could, without losing quality and service.  All of that is now paying off for us.  The road works have gone (though they are still throughout our suburb), however the intersection in front of our shop is now clear and it is easy to come in.  The action we took throughout this dreadful period has set us up to be in a better position now than we were.

Feel in control again

The unexpected bonus of taking all this action, is that we felt more in control of the impossible situation we were in.  We were happy that we were doing what we could, and though it was hard, it has paid off.  We are still here – that alone is something we are very proud of.

The answer for you

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your life, career or business  and not sure which direction to take or if you feel like taking action is beyond you.  Please, please get in touch and book a free 30 minute session to help clarify where to next.  I am also running Strategic Planning sessions for business owners.  These sessions can not only clarify your direction, they will also provide you with a road map and action plan for your future success.  See below to see what  some clients have said about these Strategic sessions.  I hope you have an excellent week, taking action each and every day.  Click here to book a time to meet with me, or to enquire about Strategic Planning.

Client comments about Strategic Planning sessions

“My strategic business planning session with Jann was very useful as it enabled me to take a fresh look at where my business was at and how I want it to develop in order to take it to the next level. At a time when I had many different options to consider, it was empowering to gain clarity by focusing on my key tasks and niche market.” Gina McKenzie from Real Communication

“Jann has been my business coach for the past 5 years and recently led me through a strategic planning session. This session enabled me to see the big picture, identify the area(s) of greatest opportunity and refine our company’s approach as we experience exponential growth. This advice, which is a wonderful mixture of strategic, high-level visioning mixed with practical ‘on the ground reality’ has made the world of difference to me and our business. We are extremely grateful for Jann’s ongoing support of Learning Architects and will continue to engage her.” Rob Clarke, Learning Architects