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Keeping your focus on the end result. Monday Motivator – 18 June 2018

“Only thing you have to do is focus on where you’re headed, not where you’ve been or where you think you’re stuck.  Focus on the end goal.”



Hello all you lovely motivation seekers, hope you had a fabulous week last week, that you managed to surround yourself with positive people and that you are raring to go now.

I have had an ultra busy week.  We had a tight deadline to meet to get our Bakery’s new website completed.  Obviously, the people building the website had more to do than we did, but we still had the pressure on checking, reporting back, improving, training, learning, getting images, sorting content.  It just went on and on.  I was getting more than a little stressed.  I kept up with my meditation, though at times I just felt absolutely overwhelmed and doubted whether it could be done in time.  There are several things I learnt through this process that I want to share with you this week, in the hope it helps you too.

1. Keep your eye on the end result

This is one time that it is actually good not to be in the present, but to look to the future.  Our quote tells us this, don’t look back, don’t concentrate on where you are stuck.  See vividly, where you are headed.  Not only see it, but engage your senses so you know how you are feeling when you reach that big goal.  Maybe, you can even build in a reward.  A client of mine has built in a reward of buying a jet boat when he reaches certain goals in his business.  Is that helping to motivate him?  Yes, definitely and it is a great thing to visualise, you can really engage all your senses when visualising being out in the water in your jetboat!

2. Prioritise and  chunk down the tasks to make them more do-able

When I was feeling really overwhelmed, I took the time to sort out what still needed to be done, and then prioritised it.  What was vital, what could be delegated, what could I live with not doing?  This applies to any project you undertake.  Not having enough time, seems to be the common complaint from everyone, so what you do is control what you can.  Prioritising is the top time management tool of all time.  Once you have done that, and made the tasks smaller and in more achievable bites, the overwhelm reduces and you feel more motivated and energised.

3. Take short, mini breaks

If you have a tight deadline to meet, it is really tempting to just work on that and do nothing else.  I don’t believe that works, I think we get too tired and de-motivated working like that.  We have to remember we are human, and we need to take time out, we aren’t designed to work 24/7.  I had a meeting to attend during the week, one that I would normally love to go to, but I felt too busy and pushed for time and didn’t want to go.  I had to though, there was no way out.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much.  I escaped all my worries and tasks for 2 hours, spent time with great people, and had some fun.  I left the meeting on a real high with a rejuvenated mind set, so I recommend you try to do the stuff that makes you feel that way.

4. Spend time with friends and people you love

So many business owners tell me that they can’t have time away from the business, they have no time for family or friends.  I totally get that, I always felt like that too, and I certainly felt like that this last week.  However, I took the time out during the week to meet with a friend who I hadn’t seen for 5 years.  That was another experience of getting a more motivated mind set.  We all need people and connections to keep us balanced and happy. The bonus is that it makes us more productive.

Hope those tips help you.  Nearly all of my clients are suffering from the lack of time syndrome, so I will concentrate on that in the next couple of motivators and bring you more tips and ideas on how to cope with this modern day affliction!

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Have a fun week, focusing on end results and doing the stuff that makes you feel good.