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Let go of anger

Just for today, I let go of worry

Just for today, I let go of anger

Just for today, I am grateful

Just for today, I am working honestly

Just for today, I am showing kindness to all living things

Hello Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Hope your week has gone well.  I am continuing with looking at each one of the Reiki Principles.  Last week was letting go of worry, this week is letting go of anger.  It was suggested to me, that I give you all the Principles ahead of time, so you can see what’s ahead and get an idea of what it all means.  So above are all 5 of them and I will talk about one each week.

As I mentioned last week, the beauty of these is that we are saying it is “just for today”.  How good is that?  We can all manage to do that.  If that’s still hard for you, you can try just for this hour or even just this minute.  I remember when I was doing a personal development course a few years ago, the facilitator said that our lives were determined by our choices and these choices were just made minute by minute.  They can be empowering choices, or limiting choices, but it is always up to us, it’s a choice made minute by minute.  That gave me a great deal of hope.

So this week it’s all about anger and learning to let go of it.  That’s probably about the best advice I could ever give on that, just let it go.  That can be so much easier said than done though, can’t it?  Anger is an emotion that we can find hard to let go off.  So I have some suggestions to help with that.

Become aware of what is making you angry

Notice the things that fire you up.  Are they big, serious, life changing things or just trivial things that make you steam?  I’ve noticed I get angry when I am overlooked or undervalued.  Once, I realised that I began to realise where that came from and was able to stop reacting angrily and emotionally when I felt that way.  Another action I took that helped, was to recognise and acknowledge that I was feeling that way and express that to the person making me feel angry.  That’s not to say you yell at them and blame them!  However, if we can express how we are feeling in a non accusing way, it can have a huge impact on the negative emotions that we are feeling.  It’s empowering to let others know what is going on, and amazingly they are usually surprised to know how you are feeling.  The key is to communicate it in a non threatening way, so you are using “I” rather than “you”.  “How I feel”, rather than “you are so infuriating”.  It is about learning to communicate in an assertive rather than aggressive, blaming manner, which usually only escalates the angry emotions.

Practise forgiveness

This is major for us.  If we feel angry with someone and we can’t forgive them, we are hurting ourselves more than them.  I love this quote from Buddha “holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”  That is exactly what it is like.  Holding on to those feelings, keep us stuck in the negative emotions and can lead to victim thinking and acting like a martyr.  Not a particularly empowering place to be.  I know, this can be hard, particularly if it goes back a long way and it is something that we feel has ruined our lives.  The thing is though, holding on to it keeps the life ruining going on.  Find it in your heart to forgive.  If you can’t say it to their face, write it down and/or say it to the Universe, it will get there eventually.  It will give you peace and will release the anger.

I hope this has helped.  Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss any of this, click here

Have a brilliant week, letting go of anger each day.