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Monday Motivator for 15th May

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
John Lubbock

Hi everyone welcome again to the Monday Motivator.  Hope you had a good week and got some progress on letting go of stuff that may be holding you back.
For those of us living in New Zealand or Australia, Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I always have mixed feelings about this day.  We always told our kids not to celebrate it as it felt too commercial and almost became a guilt ridden thing to do.  I didn’t follow that with my own mother though, I always gave her a present and a card.  However, I did it as a duty rather than feeling real love and gratitude for the mother I had.

I had this big story going that my mother wasn’t the right mother for me.  I felt she didn’t understand me or love me and I was envious of others who had mothers who did love and understand them.

What a load of crap!!!!  I saw what I was looking for, not what was really there, in front of me.  I did have a mother who loved and cared for me, I just hadn’t been able to see that.  I only realised it much, much later and sadly after she had passed away.  Wherever she is now though, I know she knows that I love her and am grateful that I had her for my Mum.  She was gentle, kind and loving and made me who I am.  Thanks Mum, for being the Mum I needed and wanted.

Do you have a story going on about who you are, or how your life and/or childhood could have or should have been better?  If you do, it will always get in the way of who you could be.  It will stop you reaching your potential, it could destroy your relationships, it could just be making you unhappy.  What to do about it?  How do you turn that story around?  Start with the story – the “poor me” one that may be hanging around, and change the story.  Find the good in the story…..I promise there will be hidden gifts that you have never been able to see before.  Write them down. Reflect on them, acknowledge how these people in your life or these experiences have made you who you are.

You needed them to be the awesome, wonderful you that you were meant to be.
Have a go at that this week and see how you can turn around the stories you may have created.  Have a brilliant week, finding new, better stories in your life, stories which empower and uplift you.