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Money Mindset Transformation – Monday Motivator 16 April 2018

“Wealth is a mindset.  It’s all about how you think.  Money is literally attracted to you or repelled from you.”

David Schirmer

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Hope you have all had a fabulous week and that the Motivator continues making a difference for you.

Some of the work I do is Money Coaching.  I always tell people that managing money is easy, but first you need to cultivate a money mindset that works for you, not against you.  Our quote this week is perfect for this.  Not ever having enough money is a situation that we have created.  How has that happened?  It happens through our thoughts.  Amazingly, things can start happening when we become aware of this and change our thoughts.  It almost seems too easy!  The theory is certainly easy, but applying it is what needs to be worked on.  So I thought I would help you with that over the next 3 weeks.  This will be all about creating a new, abundant, expansive view of money in your life.  Let’s get started!

The thing is that we create our reality through our thoughts.  This can work for you or against you.  Everything starts with a thought or belief “Change your thoughts, you can change your world.”  What you think is what you get.   If that thought is an empowering one, it leads to empowering actions and results.  If it is a limiting one, it feeds in directly to actions that self sabotage and you get limited results.  E.G. If you have a thought that there isn’t enough money to go around, the actions you take will reflect that.  It may be that you will be reluctant to spend, you become a miser and the result from that will be that you lead a small, tight life with no joy, and that reinforces the thought/belief that there isn’t enough money to go around. Alternatively you could have that same belief and take other actions – what’s the point, there’s never enough, so I’ll just spend to make myself feel better – the results being that you are always broke – again reinforcing the belief that there isn’t enough to go around.  Changing those beliefs from limiting to empowering is what we will be working on this week.  Where do these beliefs come from?

The image of the Iceberg is perfect for explaining about our subconscious, where all our deep, core beliefs lie.  An iceberg on the surface looks quite small, but beneath is where the bulk of the iceberg lies.  It is the same with people.  On the surface, we think logically about what we will do e.g. We know it is logical to prepare a budget and manage our money, but deep seated core beliefs may sabotage us in this quest.  These beliefs come from childhood experiences (where most money beliefs are formed).  They are shaped by life experience, interactions with key people in life, and/or with our peers.  A big part of them is formed by our personalities i.e. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, methodical or spontaneous etc.

Exploring what these core beliefs are and where they came from is what our first exercise is all about.  Once you know this, you have the key to discovering why you haven’t achieved the things that logically you want to and know you could and should.

So first of all, become aware of your beliefs about money.  All week long, notice what you say about it, how you feel about it.  Write it all down, the key is to raise awareness of what is going on.  The second part of the exercise is to think about the things your parents said about money.  What is your earliest memory of it?  Write all that down too.  Get some clarity on any limiting thoughts that are holding you back.  Then next week, we will work on eliminating those thoughts, and I have a really powerful NLP exercise to give you then.

Have a great week, making life enhancing observations and being motivated to transform your money mindset.