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“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Muhammad Ali

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Hope you had a wonderful week, even though you didn’t receive a Monday Motivator from me!  I am so sorry about that.  My blogs send out automatically first thing on Mondays, but for some reason it didn’t work last week.  My website guru checked and couldn’t find anything wrong, so we think it was just one of those mystery IT glitches that happen from time to time.  The post was about creating balance, you can click here to get the whole post.  It’s worthwhile checking it out if you want to start making some changes to bring more balance into your life as I included a worksheet that you will find really helpful for that.

Christmas Stress

This week, I was thinking about the Christmas rush and how we all get in such a state of high stress around this time of year.  Then I found this great quote from Muhammad Ali, that is such great advice for us, especially in the lead up to Christmas.  We are all so focused on the Big Day.  Everything has to be done by then and tradies start telling us we’re dreaming if we want anything done by Christmas.  Why should that be?  What is the big deal?  Why should it suddenly be impossible to get anything done?  And why is it so important anyway that everything is perfect for the 25th December?  When Boxing Day comes, we all sit around feeling relaxed, happy and feeling the love and wondering what all the stressing was all about.  It’s crazy!!!

Get a plan going

So what can we do about it?  I think it is really good to have a plan.  That will take the panic away and help you feel more in control.  Write a list of all the things you need to do between now and Christmas, then go through it and prioritise.  Ditch the “nice to have” and go for just the absolute essentials.  Then work backwards from Christmas Day to help plan what needs to be done the week before, 2 weeks before, 3 weeks before etc etc.  It is such an empowering feeling to do this.  Otherwise, it will all just stay running around and around in your head, making you feel panicky and overwhelmed.

Review the plan

If when you do your plan, you find that there are still too many things for you to do.  Go over it again and delete and/or delegate.  Remember, it isn’t essential that everything is done by that one magical day, it probably won’t matter much if you leave some of it until the week after Christmas, when you have more time.

Make each day count

A gentle reminder…’s not about the destination, it’s the journey in getting there.  Make the run up to Christmas count for you and for your family, as Muhammad Ali says, make each day count.  Each and every day now is important, not some day 5 weeks away.  If you can remember that, you will feel happier and less stressed.

Have a brilliant week and get in touch for a chat if it’s all getting too much.