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Overcoming Fear – Monday Motivator 12 February 2018

“The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

Welcome to our Monday Motivator for another week of motivation to inspire you to do amazing things and open new doors of opportunity.  Hope you enjoyed last week’s motivator and that you managed to remove self doubts and increase your confidence.

This week is about overcoming fear.  I loved this quote when I came across it today.  It is ironic that what we fear most is that which is stopping us from reaching our dreams.  If we can just overcome the fear, who knows what lies ahead for us.

I have had so many clients over the years who get stopped by fear.  In fact, we all do it – I know I do as well.  These fears are deeply held and more often than not, have been around for a very long time.  They almost become a way of life and they become our excuse for everything that isn’t right in our life.

What are some of these fears?  Fear of failure is a massive one, as is fear of success.  There is also fear of rejection, fear of intimacy, fear of public speaking, fear of abandonment etc etc.  There is even fear of fear!!  What to do about this?  I hate to tell you but the very best thing you will ever do about a fear is to face it.  If there is something that you are being called to do, that you feel is your purpose, that you were put here to do, but fear just gets in the way, then you will never be happy or fulfilled unless you give it a go – as they say “feel the fear and do it anyway.”  The more you can do that, strangely the more fearless you become.

I had a huge fear of public speaking and when I realised it was stopping me from reaching my potential and holding me back in my career, I joined Toastmasters.  I still recall the fear of attending my first meeting, the first time I did a speech, the first time I entered a contest.  Each time, I was overcoming my fear.  I had thought that it would make me a better public speaker, but what it did was to actually massively improve my confidence.  Each hurdle I overcame made me grow in confidence and I became more accepting of myself.  It was the start of learning to believe in me and accept and acknowledge who I was.  It gave me the confidence to become a coach and to start my own business.  Who would have thought so much would come from just overcoming a fear?

What is your greatest fear?  How could your life improve if you overcame that fear?  What would it take to do that?  Remember, you don’t have to do it alone, overcoming your fears works best when you have support and encouragement from others.  Start today, recognise what fear is holding you back and what you are going to do about it.  Contact me click here to share what it is you are planning to do and I will give you some email support with it.  Have a great week being fearless!