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Perseverance – Monday Motivator 14 May 2018

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.”

Victor Hugo

Hello lovely Motivation seekers, how are you?  Did your week go well and did you manage to bring in at least one thing that made you more abundant?  I hope so, the ability to do that will make a huge difference for you.

This week I wanted to talk about perseverance.  Frequently, people will ask me what is the secret of success in business?  Apart from getting your mindset in the right place, I would say perseverance would be next in order of priority.  The ability to believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing and just being able to keep going quite often in the face of adversity is what will bring success.

The keeping going is where most fall down, and is probably the main thing I help with in coaching others.  Having someone to listen and advise, keep you accountable and just cheer you on at times, can make perseverance possible.

Quite often, when things get tough, it’s tempting to just give up.  Imagine if Bill Gates had given up, or Mark Zuckerberg, the Beatles, Edison, Steve Jobs?   All of those people had struggles and difficulties, but they all had a burning passion for what they were doing.  Edison had 10,000 attempts to get a working light bulb, what if he had stopped at 9,999 – we would still be in the dark!  You might think the Beatles had it lucky, but they worked night and day to perfect their sound and were turned down by promoters and record companies, before they made it big.

What they all had in common: a clear vision, a passion for it, a capacity for hard work and an ability to just keep going and keep going.

I remember years ago, in the early stages of my husband’s business, he was trying to make the most perfect pastry for the  pies.  Over and over again, he would tweak the recipe.  The bakers were in despair, it took months, they thought they would never get it.  It was important to keep trying though.  While there was still improvements to be made, they had to try.

It’s not good enough to say “that’ll be good enough.”  To achieve excellence in anything, you need to keep practising and persevering until you are satisfied that it is as good as it can be.  That’s not to say you need to be a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist about something can cripple and stifle you, and usually stops you from even getting started.  Perfectionism is the biggest cause of procrastination.  I know, I’m guilty of it.  It’s a big work in progress for me, I admit!

I think the main thing that helps most in being able to persevere is having the clear vision of what you want to achieve.  This always sounds so simple, but a lot of people really struggle with that.  Particularly in these modern times, we have so many opportunities and different directions that we can go in.  There are far more choices today than there ever were.  Young people in particular, can become very confused and bewildered about their choice of direction.

What I recommend to begin with, is a wonderful exercise that gets to the heart of what is important to you.  It is a creative writing exercise.  Here’s what you do. Spend 10 minutes sitting quietly, doing deep, diaphragm breathing, then write what it is you want for your life, your business, your career, your relationships – whatever it is you want to concentrate on, or you can cover them all in your “creative writing” exercise.  It is important to write it in the present tense, and try to engage all your senses in it – what you feel, see, smell, hear, taste.  All of it.  Describe what you are doing, who you are with, how you are feeling.  This can become the blueprint for your clear vision of where you want to go.  You will then find it easy to persevere to make it happen.

Have a brilliant week creating a vision and the will to persevere to make it become reality for you.