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Positive Language leads to Positive Results

“The language we use influences the way we think.”

Steven Pinker

Hello Motivated people, how’s your week been?  I had lots of positive feedback from last week’s Motivator, I think quite a few of you managed to do the exercise of being unstoppable.  I hope it helped you, please get in touch if you want to discuss any of it further.  I provide a free, first 30 minute coaching session, which can set you on track to achieve what you thought you could never do.  Just get in touch to book a time click here.

This week I wanted to talk about our use of language.  We so often hear about the importance of positive thinking, but not so much about the importance of positive language.  That’s what I want to focus on.  Your language will determine your thoughts which determine your results.  Going back to our bakery scenario, where we couldn’t believe that achieving $1m turnover was possible, the thinking around that came from our negative language.  When we met with other bakers, we would tend to talk about how tough business was, how hard it was to get good staff, how it was a struggle to make a dollar.  They were right into that talk too, we would have a great little pity party with each other.

Did that help us?  Not at all.  I think we thought that it did at the time, because it helped to hear that others were also struggling and made us feel that we weren’t alone.  However, we weren’t alone in feeling sorry for ourselves, we were all making ourselves victims.  The other dreadful thing that comes out of that language is that it becomes self fulfilling and has the effect of making us feel disempowered and like we just want to give up: “what’s the use, it’s all too hard.”  Do you think that will get us where we want to go?   NO, NO, NO, the negative, disempowering language becomes the thoughts, which become the actions, which become the results.  Start with positive language, get empowering thoughts and take empowering actions which gets us the results we want.

How to do that though?  I have 2 or 3 suggestions:

Notice the negative language

Become aware of your language.  When you catch yourself being negative, reframe it into a positive statement.  There is always something that we can find to be grateful for.  Practising gratitude is one of the very best things we can ever do that leads to positive, empowering language.  For example, if you find yourself moaning about the struggle of being in business in the current situation.  Say instead, that you are lucky to have survived and to still be alive and have the ability to improve your situation.  Each day, practise sharing 3 things you are grateful for and you will notice a move to more positive language and thoughts.

Hang around with positive people

This is one of the things that can make a huge difference to your outlook.  When we were talking to other business owners who were negative, we were dragged down and became negative too.  Hang out with people who focus on the big picture, who are positive in outlook and see the opportunities in all situations.  Just as the negative, nay sayers drag you down, the positive can-doers will lift you up, and we all need that.

Acknowledge your progress

We have a tendency in business to always be on the lookout for improvements, which is awesome – that is how we get ahead.  However, I suggest that you take the time to think about what you have achieved to date and acknowledge yourself and your team for that.  Make time to celebrate your successes.  Doing that is a real feel good for everyone and is an exercise in positivity all by itself.  Think about that this week and find something that you can all celebrate and let me know what that is.

I hope that has given you some ideas to go on with in learning to use positive language and becoming empowered to achieve your plans and goals.  Get started this week, have an incredibly positive week with fantastically positive language that makes you feel good.