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Yes You Can


This has been written for struggling business owners who want to have a successful business and still have a life.  The book is full of insights, ideas and practical advice on how to achieve this.  Jann uses case studies throughout to bring this all to life.  The main case study used is her own bakery business which she has run with her husband for nearly 30 years.  This isn’t theory, it is real life business, warts and all, the mistakes are laid bare, so you know how to avoid them.  Even better, through reading this book, you will discover that you can have it all – a successful business and a fantastic life.


Product description

Do you have the business of your dreams, but your dreams haven’t quite turned out as you’d hoped?

Did you get into business so you could be master of your own destiny, have flexibility with your time, plenty of disposable income and the freedom to get out and enjoy it?  But now you find yourself running from one thing to the next, busy and stressed and not sure what to do to change it?

Jann Meehan, Success Coach, has been there with her own business and life and come out the other side.  An experienced chartered accountant, business owner and coach whose focus is on working with her clients to create the life they dreamed of, her down-to-Earth practicality and up-in-the-clouds optimism make the perfect blend to help YOU create a successful business and a fantastic life!

Full of wisdom, humour and compassion, this book will guide you through the steps you need to take to turn the life and business you have into the life and business you’ve always wanted.

Read it!  You’ll be pleased you did!