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Money Coaching

Money Coaching can get you Financial Freedom. What does Financial Freedom mean for you?  For most people, it is a state of feeling in control, of feeling secure and knowing where you are headed and that money will be a means to get there.  Financial Freedom is not necessarily having millions of dollars, it will vary for everyone.

For some, being able to have choices equates to Financial Freedom.  For others, it could be having all the things that money can buy.  It may mean different things at different stages of life as well.  Whatever it means to you, you definitely can achieve it.  Money Coaching  will inspire you to take control of your finances, create new habits that work for you and help you go away with a plan to start achieving Financial Freedom.

The approach I take in this coaching is slightly different to most money management programmes.  I focus first and foremost on the thoughts/feelings and beliefs about money.  I can teach you the basics quite easily, but if you are operating under a belief that money is evil or that there’s never enough, you won’t be able to apply the basics.  So that’s where we start.  Once you know that, and you know how to change that, the rest becomes simple.

Learning how to grow your wealth is one of the best things we can ever do for ourselves.  It is not about accumulating wealth to prove who we are or how good we are, but about  using our money to create the life we want to lead.  Being clear about the vision of that life, will motivate us to grow the wealth to achieve it.

I have several options for you to get on the path to Financial Freedom, choose from these below and/or contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to make a time to have a chat about all this, phone me 021 2631040 or email

Starter offers


This is a great starting point to help you find out the first steps in getting Financial Freedom.  I regularly run Financial Freedom workshops throughout the year.  There are two options:

90 minute Financial Freedom Workshop where you

  • Learn how to overcome your limiting money mindset
  • Discover how to save
  • The secrets of debt reduction

Click here to register for the next workshop.

2 hour Financial Freedom Workshop – for Couples only

  • Discover your spending patterns
  • Discover your money mindset
  • Start changing your money mindset
  • Get clear on what you both want in your Financial Future

Register your interest by emailing me today.

What people have said about my workshops:

“I learnt to change negative money beliefs to positive & empowering beliefs.”  Veronica – insurance broker

“Really great to help you take control & be accountable – highly recommend you attend.”  Barbara-Lee – insurance broker

“The workshop made me realise that we’re limited only by our negative mindsets.  I’m excited about putting more energy into my Financial Freedom.”  Rebecca – real estate agent

Money Coaching – 12 week Program

Money Coaching can get you Financial Freedom. This coaching program is for individuals and/or couples. These are 1 hour one on one sessions held each week.  What we do during the 12 weeks is:

  • Create empowering money beliefs
  • Create a big picture/vision of your financial future
  • Develop a 12 month action plan
  • Review current position and strategise to achieve your vision
  • Prepare your budget to achieve your vision

Money Coaching – 6 month Accountability Program

This coaching program is for individuals and/or couples and is a follow up from the 12 week program.  It’s designed to keep you on track to achieve the plan you formulated in the 12 week program.  These are 1 hour one on one sessions held each month.  What we do during this time is:

  • Ensure your money mindset is working for you
  • Monitor your progress to ensure that you reach your goals
  • Tweak your plan and goals as necessary as circumstances change
  • Analyse progress and tweak areas that can still improve
  • Ensure the money management rules become habits
  • Ensure the grow your wealth rules become habits

My dream is for everyone to find Financial Freedom, so they can live their lives with choices, with security and being able to do the things they want to do with the people who are important to them.  That’s the reason I am offering Money Coaching services.  I hope you find something here that can get you started on living a life of Financial Freedom.  Call me now to book a free, half hour money discovery session 021 2631040 or email me  The quicker you take action, the quicker you get results.