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Setting goals that work for you – Monday Motivator 22 January 2018

“A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”  Harvey Mackay

Hi Motivation Seekers, welcome to our next Monday Motivator – getting your week off to a great start.

How did you go with last week’s vision creation.  Hope you got some good dreams and visualisations going and are ready for the next step.

We are now going to turn those dreams into reality by setting some great goals.  If you haven’t been successful in goal setting/achieving in the past, you will be now because you haven’t just sat down and written a list of goals, you have created a vision of what is important to you.  When your goals are important to you and they are based on a clear vision for your future, you can’t help but achieve them.

The exercise for this week is to first look at your creative writing exercise and see if there are any goals that can come out of that.  I usually just highlight them.  Then you can prioritise the top 3 big goals, that you are going to focus on.  We don’t want a whole heap of goals as that is too daunting and overwhelming and won’t work.  So we prioritise it down to 3 goals as that is going to be so much easier and will make the biggest difference for you as you will be focusing on what is important instead of trying to fulfill a whole heap of little, trivial unimportant stuff that won’t take you where you want to go.

The next important thing to do is to write those top 3 goals in the SMART format:

S for Specific

M for Measurable

A for Attainable

R for Realistic

T for Timed

So, if you want to increase your turnover in your business for example, you need to express it as follows:

I will increase my turnover by 5% by December 2018.  That is a specific goal, it is measurable (5%), and it needs to be attainable and realistic, if I was to say double my turnover in that time, it may not meet that criteria.  It is also timed as I have given a deadline of December for this.  This is a powerful way to set your goals, they are much more likely to be achieved written like this.  

I have an annual goal setting plan template available.  Just email me click here if you would like a copy or if you want any help or clarification with your goal setting. 

I will give you the next exercise in this next Monday.  How exciting is this – you are on your way with the beginnings of a plan for 2018 – there will be no stopping you.  Have a great week.