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Business books, self-development books and online business courses can really make a difference to your success.

Are you struggling to achieve the successful life you long for? Do you feel stuck in a treadmill that just goes on and on, with no hope of getting off any time soon? I have been there in my own business which has motivated me to help you get the success you deserve for all your hard work. All of these products are designed to help you be more successful in your business and your life.

My aim in all that I do is to inspire you to become a  ‘Soulpreneur’ so that your business and your life are run in a heart-centred way, so that you feel fulfilled, and that you are contributing to a greater purpose. It’s all about profit with purpose and balance. Take the first step by having a look at the books and courses on offer in the shop, and begin your journey of creating the business and life you have always wanted.

My books

I have written two books to help you in your quest for a better business and life. Yes You Can and The Motivator Journal.

Yes You Can gives practical advice on how to get a successful business and a fantastic life.  Very few business owners manage to have both, one is usually at the expense of the other.  I have been there, got through it and found some of the secrets, that I now share with you.

The Motivator Journal  will help you become more self-aware.  Self awareness is one of the main components of business success that is rarely spoken off.  Most business coaches focus on the business, but focusing on the ‘you’ within the business, will be where the real successes lie.  If you achieve that it will set you on the right path and ensure your future success.

I am planning to publish more books to help you, so keep checking this space!

Recommended reading

These are some of my favourite books that have made a huge difference to my life, and I know they can for you too. Some of them are unusual in a business coaching sense, but they are aligned with my philosophy of ‘Soulpreneurship’, understanding yourself, understanding and having empathy for others and doing good in the world through your business. These recommended books will be a fantastic start for you in your journey of getting the business and life you have always wanted, so why not get started with one straight away?

My courses

This is the best way to start making the changes you need to in your quest to have a successful business and a fantastic life.  The courses I run, can be taken as e-courses, webinars or through group coaching.  I will be adding to these all the time, but the ones that are most in demand are:

life-coach-christchurch-Jann-Financial-Freedom-Workshop-DLE-final-1Financial freedom workshop – find out how to manage your money, grow your wealth and change your money mindset. Click here to register or to find out more information.

Train your brain workshop – find out how to breakthrough what’s holding you back and achieve  the success you have always wanted.

Yes You Can Balance It All – a way forward for busy people who struggle to fit everything in and end up feeling stressed and de-motivated.  In this course, you will discover what is important to you and come up with strategies to make sure you take care of the important stuff!

Yes You Can Achieve Your Goals – Goal setting is a major key to success, but there are definitely some tricks to it.  Learn how to make goal setting work for you, how to achieve your goals and how to stay motivated.

To find out more about my courses, or to organise a workshop for your business, contact me now.