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Showing Kindness – Monday Motivator 9 April 2018

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.”

Harold Kushner

Hi Motivation Seekers, welcome to our Monday Motivator.  Hope you have had a wonderful week and that this message makes a difference to your coming week.

I have been doing these Monday Motivators for nearly 7 years now.  I started them after the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011, which killed 185 people.  At that time, there were a lot of people really struggling and it was something that I thought I could do that might help them get through the week ahead.  At that time, a week ahead was all that was possible for most of us.

There were a lot of people in our city then who were doing a lot to help others.  People were kinder, more patient, more loving and more understanding.  There was a sense of togetherness that hadn’t existed before all that.  Whilst I wouldn’t want to go through that dreadful time again, I had been thinking that we had lost that loving kindness that we managed to display to others, that is until this week.

Some people I know through business and Facebook have been facing a very tough time.  One of them is really sick and unable to operate her business and her partner’s business has had a downturn.  They have had to leave their house and they had nowhere to go, no family to help and not a lot of money to spare with such a big reduction in their income.  They shared some of this on FB, just asking if anyone could help out with accomodation.  This was a hard thing for them to do, you need to be brave to ask for help so publicly.  I’m so glad they did though, as people really stepped up.  Lots and lots have offered help.  This struggling family now have somewhere to stay, they have had offers of accomodation, storeage, help with packing and a bit of money has been donated as well.  This has really restored my faith in our ability to be kind to each other and to reach out when someone is struggling.

Helping others, doing what we can to lighten another’s load is one of the best things we will ever do.  It not only helps the person who is struggling, but it helps the giver.  As a giver, we get to know what it is to be human, what it is all about, what we are here to do.  I always remember my Dad telling me that “we are all here to help each other.”  That was very simple advice and a great philosophy for living a good life.  If we all did that, what would it feel like?  How would our lives be?  Do you think the world could become a better place?  It starts with us, and just a simple act of kindness to another can make the biggest difference.

Try practising that this week, look for ways to show kindness to others.  It doesn’t need to be anything big and amazing, just a small kindness can go a long way.  Have a brilliant week, full of loving kindness.