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Silence your “inner critic”.

“Your inner critic is getting in the way of all those great things which you deserve and are meant to accomplish.”

Trina Hall

Hello Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Have you had a good week?  Hope you managed to get to work on turning your ideas into action.  Remember, get in touch if you are ready to make some changes and need some help to get those changes off the ground.  My first session is completely free and an ideal way to find out if we can work together.  Click here to contact me and find out more.

What does your inner critic say to you?

This week, we are looking at silencing your inner critic.  That pesky little voice that constantly judges, reprimands, analyses and tells you a whole load of stuff that stops you before you even get started.  I was inspired to write about this after I heard a radio program during Mental Health Week.  The people being interviewed for this were all comedians, with Mike King the best known.  For those not in NZ, he is a very successful comedian in NZ, a broadcasting star and highly thought off.  He has suffered major mental health issues himself and is now an educator about Mental Health.  He spoke about his Inner Critic and how much it berated him for being useless, hopeless, that he would never amount to anything and that he just wasn’t good enough.

How could someone successful like him, be thinking that way?  It made me realise what a liar our inner critics are.  Obviously, Mike King’s inner critic got it so wrong.  That goes for all of us, that voice is just not true though sadly, we believe what that little bugger tells us.

How is it for you?  Do you have a powerful Inner Critic going on in you?  Is it a constant voice in your head, saying “you could have done better, you should have done better, you idiot!”  Welcome to the world of being a human.  Even the most successful people can have this going on.  It’s a miracle any of us can get out of bed every morning, with that lot going on in our heads.  Let’s practise silencing that hideous little tyrant voice this week.  Here are some ways to get started:

5 ways to silence the inner critic

  1. Find out what is going on.  Keep a journal and write down all the negative messages you give yourself.  Notice when it happens, why it happens, where did this voice start, who does it sound like? (Most of this stems from messages we were given in our childhood.)  Don’t judge that voice, just find out about it with curiosity.
  2.  Write down how it makes you feel.  Is there a payoff for you in thinking these thoughts, e.g. it keeps you safe from trying new things maybe.
  3. Write down what things you would do without this inner voice holding you back.
  4. Think about achieving those things and how you feel when you do. (You can refer back to the exercise I gave you last week to help with this.)
  5. Create a powerful affirmation that makes you feel positive about achieving your goals and replaces the negative thoughts with empowering ones.

Practise acknowledging yourself

Get into the habit of saying nice things to yourself.  Get into the habit of acknowledging your achievements and/or even your failures, be encouraging, say loving and kind things to you.  I usually tell clients to be their own best friend.  Your best friend would be there for you, being careful with you, helping and supporting you through the tough times and celebrating with you in the good times.  Be that person for yourself.  Let yourself get started right onto that this week.  Practise it every day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Be a good friend to you this week and shut up that inner critic once and for all!

Have a brilliant week.