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Stress Management – Part 2 Monday Motivator 20 November 2017

“A year from now, everything you’re stressing about won’t even matter.”

Hi Motivation Seekers, here’s another Motivating message to get you through your week.  How did last week go?  Did you manage to reduce your stress levels through positivity, gratitude and visualisations? Hope the suggestions helped and made a difference for you.

This is Part 2 of our stress management tips.  I hope the quote resonates with you.  When we are stressed everything seems so massively important.  Unless we get A, B & C all done and done now, it will be the end of the world.  Will it though?  I remember someone years ago saying, you know when you’re stressed when the job you are doing seems like life and death.  I know, there are some of you who do have jobs like that, but when all is said and done, there will always be someone able to pick up the pieces if you aren’t there.  None of us are indispensable.  It’s good to remember that.

That is my first major message to you about stress management.  You don’t have to do it all yourself.  If you feel that there is no other way, that you ARE the only one available to do the stuff that needs to be done, then I want to suggest that you look at your tasks and prioritise.  That is the absolute key to feeling less stressed – the ability to sort out the unimportant tasks and either ditch or delegate them, and to only focus on the ones that really have to be done.  I have a great worksheet to help you discover where you are spending your time.  It is the “Steve Covey” 4 quadrant time management tool.  You review what you are spending your time on, is it urgent – if so, is it important or not?  Is it non urgent – if so, is it important or not?  It’s a great way to review what is going on for you and pin-pointing how you can improve. Click here for the sheet.  You do have options, it doesn’t have to all be done and it doesn’t have to all be done by you.

This brings me to my next suggestion – ask for help.  It’s very liberating!  Accepting that you can’t do it all and allowing others to help you is huge, especially if you have always been the “go to” person for everyone else.  This is all part of looking after you, which is essential in reducing stress and in managing your time.

Final tip of the week is to write down all the things you have to do and put deadlines on them.  Then prioritise them into A, B, C.  Then, (this is a brilliant thing to do), write beside the C’s – whether you can delegate, ditch, postpone or get help.  Do the same for the others.   This will make you feel more in control.  More control = less stress.  Simple formula to a better way of being.  Give these a try this week.  Remember to look after you in all this and just take little baby steps at a time.  Our quote tells us the stresses of today won’t matter in a year’s time.  I would suggest the stresses leading up to Christmas won’t matter on Boxing Day – so keep that thought in mind!

Have a brilliant week, being stress free all week!