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Stress Management – Part 3 – Monday Motivator 27 November 2017

“Don’t believe every worried thought you have.  Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.”

Renee Jain

Hello Motivation Seekers!  How are you?  Hope the Monday Motivator helped you manage your stress levels last week and made a difference for you.

We are continuing with our important topic of stress management again this week, with another brilliant quote.  I love that it is pointing out how our worried thoughts aren’t real.  When we are stressed, those thoughts blow up out of all proportion – especially if you wake at 3am!  Have you done that when you are feeling stressed?  I know I have.  The worries just buzz around your head and get bigger and more fearful the longer you are awake.  There’s something about the middle of the night for escalating worries.  That’s the time they feel overwhelming, insurmountable and impossible to solve.

Not very motivating is it?  Well don’t worry, I do have some more tips this week to help with this.  I have tips to help you overcome the sleeplessness – and overwhelm and it doesn’t involve drugs or wine or even chocolate!

First of all, I recommend you do breathing exercises and practise mindfulness.  This is especially good in the middle of the night.  Breathing exercises can be done in many different ways, but I will just outline the simplest ones in this motivator and you can contact me if you want any more. The key to deep, relaxing breathing is to use your diaphragm.  Take a first breath, as you inhale, breathe deeply through the nose while counting to 4.  You will know if you are doing this correctly as your tummy will push out as you inhale.  Hold the breath for a count of 4, then exhale through the mouth, again counting to 4.  As you exhale, your tummy will contract.  Repeat this until you fall asleep.  If you don’t want to count, you can just chant “om” over and over, quietly to yourself.  You can also do this during the day to help reduce stress.  It doesn’t take long and it makes a big difference.

My next suggestion is that you exercise.  Physical exercise is a fantastic stress reducer.  I know, if you are busy it can seem too hard to fit it in to your busy schedule.  It is so important though to make the time for this.  To make it easier, exercise with a friend – the socialisation makes it more fun and you can keep each other accountable.  I had many attempts at regular gym exercising without any success until I exercised with a friend.  The key to doing this consistently and regularly is that it has to be something you enjoy doing and ideally do it with others.  The endorphins and feel goods that come from exercising will wipe the stress away.

Last but not least – take things one day at a time.  If you are having a really crappy day and you cannot manage your stress, just be kind to yourself and let yourself know that tomorrow is another day.  Little steps, one day at a time is all it takes.

I hope these last 3 Motivators have helped you manage the manic lead up to Christmas.  Please contact me if you would like any further help with this.  Just ring me – 021 263 1040 or click here to email me.  Hope you have a brilliant and stress free week!