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Striving for Excellence

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

Pat Riley

Hello Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Welcome to another Motivator making your Monday and your week better.  Did you find your purpose, your big why last week?  Hope last week’s Motivator made a difference for you.

My picture this week is a result of striving to do better!  I have been attempting to make fabulous Yorkshire puddings for a very long time, and this week I think I nailed it.  It occurred to me that the lessons I learned through this, could provide a recipe to achieve a successful life and/or business.  There are 5 ingredients to my success recipe:

  1. Persevere.  This is one of the biggest, best ingredients of all.  Nothing will happen if you don’t keep trying.  I could have given up the quest for the perfect pud many years ago, but I just kept trying.  That’s what we need to do in life and business as well, it’s not about the falling down, it’s about how many times we get back up.  I know that can be tough.  Trust me though, it gets easier the more you keep giving things a shot.  The most successful people have all had to persevere through failure after failure to achieve their goals and dreams.  The bonus is that because it is so hard fought, it feels amazing when you achieve it.
  2. Striving for Excellence.  I’m not talking about perfection, striving for perfection just sets us up for disappointment.  It’s a different thing to strive for excellence.  It is about being the very best you can be, reaching your potential and just giving it your best shot…..over and over and over again, until you reach the excellence level.  No-one ever wants to strive to be average at something, what is the point in that?  Keep working on “above average” and excellence will follow.
  3. Ask for help.  Look to the experts to fill in the gaps for you.  I always used to try to nut things out myself, but I realised that seeking help from the experts in their field, makes everything miraculously fall into place and you save yourself a whole heap of time.  It’s perfectly ok to do this.  Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are dumb or a loser, quite the reverse.  Only the most intelligent and motivated people will do this and those who do achieve their goals.
  4. Be prepared to follow the advice of the experts.  This sounds too obvious, but it is amazing how many people just keep on doing what they’ve always done and wonder why nothing ever changes.  If you want things to change, you have to change.  Getting help in doing this is the first step, but the next is to listen and make the necessary changes.
  5.   Put what you’ve learnt into practise.  If you have found a new way of approaching things, start putting that into practise and keep practising.  It gets easier the more you try, and eventually before you know it, you will have achieved what you are striving for.

I followed all these steps this week in striving for excellent Yorkshire Puddings!  The main factor was getting advice from food blogger Mamma Cass of Stove & Soul, she provided an extremely detailed recipe and method.  I then had to follow her recipe to the letter.  Guess what?  I didn’t do that.  One of the instructions didn’t seem quite right, but checking my results against hers, I think I should have followed her advice.  There will be more practise to come, it’s a hard road to get the perfect life/business/career……or Yorkshire Pud, but just hang in there and keep trying.  Have a great week.