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Take time to recharge.

“We take better care of our smartphones than ourselves.  We know when the battery is depleted and recharge it.”

Arianna Huffington

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  First of all, big apologies that there was no motivator last week.  I was really sick and unable to do the weekly blog, so really sorry about that.  I hope you still managed to have a great week.

The last week has been a real lesson for me, in reminding me to look after myself.  I had a ‘flu bug that was lingering and horrible and I had to take some time off and do nothing.  It made me realise, I hardly ever do that.  I am always on the go, there are always heaps of “things” to do and there isn’t a lot of time for just stillness and peace.  When I was sick, that’s all there could be, there was even a lot of sleeping, all day, every day and all night, every night.  I think my body just knew what it needed and I had to go along with it.

Do you manage to do that?  I think it is so important.  We all lead busier and busier lives and setting aside time to just be, time to recharge the batteries and do whatever it takes to get your body, mind and spirit re-aligned and feeling centred and grounded is more necessary than ever.

The thing is unless we do that, our body ends up doing what it needs to anyway.  That’s what happened to me.  My immune system said….enough!  It is time to rest, and I had no choice.  Let’s not wait until it gets to that point.  Look after yourself first, before it gets to the stage that your body needs to take over.

What things can you do, to take care of you?

I have heaps of suggestions, a lot of them are just common sense and yet we tend not to do them.  So, give it a go this week,  try some of the following and see what a difference it can make:

  1. Get plenty of sleep.  Only you know how much is enough.  My husband thinks I could sleep competitively, I’m so good at it!  I need at least 8 – 9 hours a night and if I don’t get that, I just don’t operate optimally.  They say 8hours is the minimum needed, but I’m not stuck on that – I think we all know what is right for us.  The key to it is knowing it and making sure you get enough for you.
  2. Eat nutritious food.  I think that is even more important in winter – lots of citrus, lots of green, leafy vegetables, low carbs, low fat and minimal red meat.  Consider Vitamin C supplements.
  3. Exercise regularly.  Even just a 15min to 30min walk a day is good.  I do two sessions a week at the gym, and one session of Tai Chi each week.  The gym sessions are a mix of weights and cardio and are done with other ladies, talking and laughing while exercising is the key to enjoyable exercising.
  4. Meditate – even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, it can make a huge difference to your sense of well being.  Take the time to do this and you will be well rewarded – less stress and anxiety, better productivity and concentration and a sense of calm and peacefulness…..what’s not to like?
  5. Be loving and kind to you.  Practise acknowledging who you are and how much you deserve loving kindness.  For some reason, we find it easier to give this to others than ourselves, but we need to learn to give loving kindness to us first, we can then pass it on to others.

I hope that helps and I hope you manage to get through the winter ok without succumbing to “bugs”.  Looking after you is the best line of defence.  I just forgot to do it, so learn from my lesson, make sure you look after you.  Have a brilliant week.