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Taking Action

“While some of us act without thinking, too many of us think without acting.”

Don Millman

Hello Motivated people, how’s your week been?  Did you try the life balance review worksheet?  I hope you did and I hope you found it helpful to discover the areas that you want to work on.

Of course, that’s the key to making any changes, you have to do some work, you have to take action towards the goals and/or changes that you want to make in your life, career or business.  I’m a big fan of vision boards and I often recommend that clients do a vision board that gives a picture of what they want for themselves and their families.  I always tell them that it will only really work though, if they take some action towards it.

The first vision board I ever did was when I wanted a house by the sea.  I had been wanting this for close to 40 years, and it just didn’t happen.  Close to despair and thinking it never would happen, I did a vision board.  I didn’t really believe in the power of them, at the time, but I was desperate and willing to give it a go.  It worked, within 2 months I had put in an offer on a house in a dream location, right by the sea.  Did it work because I did the vision board and just sat there for those 2 months, thinking my way into my perfect dream?  No, I had to be searching, actively looking, calling estate agents, looking at properties, taking a whole heap of action.  The action is what made the difference.  The vision board helped my brain believe it was possible and clarified my thinking of what I wanted, but more importantly why I wanted it.  I realised when I did the vision board, that the dream was more than a house, it was about being there with family and creating happy family memories.  So the vision board was a necessary part of achieving my dream, but I doubt that I would have achieved it without putting the effort in, and taking action to make it happen.

Taking action is the thing most of us struggle with.  When you did the life/balance review, maybe you found there was an area of your life that really needed to change.  Sometimes though, it can just seem too hard to us.  We want to improve our lives, but it can seem like an insurmountable task.  Especially if it comes from long standing, deep seated patterns that hold us back.  We are trying to change the habits of a lifetime.  How is it possible to do this?  I have 3 major tips for you.

Get a clear vision of how you want it to be

This is the thing that stops most of us before we start.  We are unclear about what we want, how we want to live our lives, how we want our relationships to be.  A lot of the time, we aren’t even sure about how we should be spending our time, what work we should be doing, what our values are, and most importantly what our purpose is.  Doing some work on all those areas, helps to discover where you want to head and most importantly, why you want to head there.  You can discover that vision through creative writing, visualisation exercises, meditation, or just by doing a vision board.

Work backwards from the vision

Look at the vision you have created, and work backwards to create the goals you need to achieve by the relevant milestones.  For example, if you have a vision of something that you want to achieve within 2 years, think of the steps that you need to take within 1 year, then within 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month….etc, right down to what step you will take tomorrow towards this vision of your future.

Write this down in the SMART goal format

Your goals need to be written down, or they are just dreams in your head.  Writing down your goals, means taking action.  You are committing to a plan, you are setting a timeline, you are being clear and specific about what you are going to do and when you are going to do it by.  This becomes the blueprint for your vision and will make the difference in achieving the things you want for your life, career, business or family.  Have this written plan somewhere handy where you can refer to it, and remember what you are focusing on.  I find quarterly plans work best, and they can be reviewed and adjusted at the end of each quarter in your journey towards achieving your future, dream vision.

A bonus tip is to make your goals achievable.  Small, consistent steps will always work better than setting huge goals that can’t realistically fit into our lives and can make us feel defeated before we even begin.  That’s not to say you can’t dream big – your vision can be as wonderful and amazing as you can ever dream up, but the key is to take small steps towards it in a regular and consistent way.

I hope you can get started on that today.  Please contact me click here if you want any help with your vision, strategic plans and/or goal setting.  Hope you have a fabulous week, dreaming big and taking action.  Stay safe, Kia Kaha.