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Taking action

“Do. Or Do Not.  There Is No Try.”

Yoda from the Empire Strikes Back

Great words of wisdom, from the wisest character in the Star Wars movies, the grand Jedi master Yoda. This wonderful piece of wisdom is about taking action.  Sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest, but if you have someone helping, supporting and guiding you, it can be so much easier.  If you have never had that, give it a try, we should all have a “Yoda” that we can go to and we can all aspire to be a “Yoda” to others too.

This particular advice from Yoda is fantastic for us all.  It’s so simple, similar to the Nike slogan “just do it.”  The main thing I take from this quote though is how important it is that we use action orientated language.  Every time I have said to someone I will “try” to do something, it never happens.  Think about it, saying you will try is setting yourself up for failure.  I belonged to a business networking group for quite a while and part of the weekly routine was sharing our planned tasks for the week, so we could be held accountable and hence more likely to achieve them.  We were often challenged when we said “we will try.”  What it says is that we are not fully committing.  Fully committing to our plans, goals and dreams is essential if we want them to be realised.

Furthermore, saying you will “try” to do something or achieve something, sets up a limitation in your mind.  You are, in effect doubting your ability to get it done.  What we think is what we get, think it will be impossible and guess what – it’s impossible.  Think it will be hard and it will be hard.  Why not make it easier for yourself, by using positive language that reinforces your abilities to do whatever it is you want to do.

It seems to be human nature to doubt ourselves and start the little, negative messages especially when we are doing something new or different.  The good news is that there are ways to overcome this.  Affirmations and visualisations can make a huge difference in turning around self doubt.  It does take practise, and that’s where working with a mentor can give you the edge.  They can help when you fall down, encourage you to get back up and provide constant support and guidance.  It can be a formal arrangement with a coach/mentor or someone you know and admire or even through a group.  Whatever works best for you.  Get a Yoda in your life, so the struggle doesn’t have to be one you tackle on your own.  Call me if you want to discuss any of this or book a free, first coaching session to start your positive, action orientated journey.  Have a brilliant week and may the force be with you in taking action!