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The Power of Kindness

“Kindness can become it’s own motive.  We are made kind by being kind.”

Eric Hoffer

Hello lovely Motivation Seekers, how are you?  Did you have a good week and did you get a self care plan going?  Hope it’s making a difference for you.

I wanted to talk about kindness this week.  This idea came from Martin, my husband who had been listening to a panel discussion on the radio about racial minorities and the prejudices they face, and the injustices over gender inequality.  The debaters were coming up with incredibly complex ways of addressing these problems, until one person stood up and said all it required was for people to show kindness to one another.  A very simple thing to do, to have an intention of being kind to first ourselves and then to all others.  A lot of the inequalities and prejudices would disappear if everyone treated their fellow human beings with kindness.  I love this, it’s so simple and can make such a difference.

I love the quote too, that you become kind by being kind.  If people are shown kindness, they in turn become kind.  We could start a whole world wide movement!  It fits in perfectly with last weeks tips on self care too.  Practising kindness to ourselves is a great starting point.  Do you treat yourself kindly?  It’s good to think about that.  The perfectionists among us especially struggle with this.  I know I do.  It’s something I have to be aware of and regularly have to remind myself to be kind to me.

If you have very high expectations of yourself, much higher than you expect from others, it leads to stress and feelings of inadequacy, because you can never live up to this impossible standard you have set.  When I was at Uni, I was a mature student, already in my thirties and Mum to 3 young children.  I remember the first time I got an A+, I was thrilled, but I hadn’t done as well on the other 2 papers, I got a B+ and a C+.  Which do you think I focused on?  Did I acknowledge the A+?  No, I was in despair over the C+ and so angry with myself…..not a lot of kindness there.  If I had known this way back then, I would have been a lighter, happier and much less stressed person.  I would have enjoyed my life more and even been a better wife and mother.  All of that, just through showing myself some kindness.

Being kind to others is easier once you have learnt to be kind to you.  The challenge is to be kind to those we don’t feel particularly kind towards.  The thing is none of us ever know what it is like for others.  We are all on a journey, and it can be tough at times, let’s remember that and be kind with no end result in mind, other than to be there for others and to help them in their life journey.  As we do that, we are helped in our own.

Give it a try this week.  Practise self kindness, then put some small daily kindness into practise with others.  A smile, a kind word, opening a door, offering to help.  Kindness really does make a difference.  Have a brilliant week, with lots of kindness all around you.