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Transform your LIfe

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

Tony Robbins

Hi Motivation Seekers, how are you?  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and you took some first steps towards getting a new money mindset going.  A few of you got the pdf  which had some practical tips about money management.  If you would still like one, just get in touch and I’ll send it to you, click here

Last week, we were looking at changing your mindset about money, but in fact everything I help people with is just about changing mindsets full stop!  As Tony Robbins says so well, if you want different results you need to do different things.  Einstein also said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  So this week, it’s about transformation and it’s pretty plain, if we want changes in our lives, we have to change.

The worst time of my life was when I was a very busy Corporate Accountant in the 80’s and 90’s.  In those days, you were expected to sell your soul to the company, and I did as I felt I had no choice.  It was frowned on to leave work early, there was no such thing as being able to get home to kids, and I was regularly working 60 to even 80hr weeks!

Unfortunately, this also coincided with a time when my husband had started up a new business and was working very long hours.  We had 3 children from the ages of 9yr to 16yrs.  It was an incredibly busy and stressful time.  I remember feeling in a permanent state of guilt.  I felt guilty about work when I was with my kids, and guilty about my kids when I was at work.  There seemed to never be any time to enjoy life and we had no work/life balance at all.  I was the breadwinner, so I felt that I had no choice.  I felt trapped and that there was no way out.  Something really had to change, but I couldn’t see how anything could change.

What had to change was me.  I wasn’t living true to my values, I wasn’t being true to myself and I was in a very dark place.  As it happens, I actually didn’t change, I had change forced upon me, when I was made redundant.  That was the very best thing that could have happened to me, as it made me re-evaluate my life and took me down a path of self-help.  I learned everything I possibly could about the power of the mind, and how your thoughts create your reality.  It was a turning point for me and led me into starting up my coaching business to help others transform their lives and businesses.

It is possible to transform your life.  If you are feeling like I was, trapped in a job that you hate, or working very long hours in a business and having to sacrifice time with family and loved ones, then change will be needed.  It helps to have someone like a coach work alongside you in this, but you can get started by yourself.  Even just reading this Motivator and setting your intentions for the week, can make a difference.  I have an exercise for you to try, that can get you thinking about what you want to change.  It’s called the Be/Do/Have template.  What you do is reflect on various areas of your life, and answer the following questions: who are you being, what are you doing and what are you getting.  Then you do the same exercise, only completing it as how you want to be, do and get.  Then you can finish up with a vision creation exercise.  This will be the start of transforming your life.  I’m excited to share this with you.  Here is the link for the exercise: Be Do Have Template

Have a fantastic week.  Get started on the transformation exercise and let me know how you get on.