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Turning dreams into reality

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action.  The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”

Roy T. Bennett

Hello motivation seekers, how are you?  Hope your week has gone well and that you managed to stay positive whether it went well or not.  Staying positive can actually turn the bad times around, so it’s worth giving it a try.

I was inspired to talk about making your dreams come true this week.  What inspired me, was my grandson George, who is 18 years old and is on a gap year before doing tertiary study.  He had some pretty big dreams.  Even I thought it would be a big ask for him.  In the last year though, he has pretty much achieved all those dreams.  I am so proud of him, it hasn’t been easy, but he had a clear vision, a clear plan to achieve the vision and determination and perseverance to make it all happen.  He made sure he took action to achieve the dreams and he absolutely lives and breathes them.  I was congratulating him on doing all this and I told him that lots of people have dreams, but he made those dreams come true.  The actions he took, made them happen.  That is the difference.

Start with a clear vision

This can never be underestimated.  A clear vision keeps you focused, helps you keep going when times are hard and opens the door to the Universe, to allow your vision to be manifested.  Keeping that vision in the forefront of your mind is important too.  Take time, to play through the vision each night and morning, like you are watching a movie.  Engage all your senses, let yourself see, hear, smell, taste and feel when you have achieved your vision.  That is what helps bring it to life and helps your brain believe it.  When you get your brain believing, there is no stopping you!

Create a clear plan to achieve the vision

The vision is ultra important, but it will stay like a dream in your head unless you start taking some action towards it.  A big part of my grandson’s vision, was him travelling to America this year.  When he first dreamt about that, he had no money, no job and very little prospects, but he had the dream, all he needed to do was to take action towards it.  I helped him work out how much he would need and how much he would need to save each week to achieve that.  He got a job, and we worked out a budget, and he saved that money each week, so that he can make that dream a reality.  He has been accepted to work in Camp America, which is going to assist with making his travel more affordable too.  So, work out how you can achieve your vision, set some SMART goals and make sure you write those goals down, that will ensure those dreams don’t just stay in your head.

Determination and perseverence

Just keep going.  Even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard, just believe you will achieve your vision and keep going when the going is tough.  That’s what sets apart the successful achievers from the dreamers.  George could have given up so many times, when it looked too hard to do, when there were too many sacrifices to be made and it seemed like he would never do it, he just kept on.  That is the secret to success, just keep trying!

Hope you have a wonderful week with lots of action towards achieving those fantastic dreams.