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Using the Law of Attraction

“You only have control over 3 things in your life: the thoughts you think, the images you visualise and the actions you take.”

Jack Canfield

Hello Happy Monday Motivator and welcome to a whole new year of motivators, helping you to live your best life, so you can be the best version of you and getting your career and/or business working for you.  I hope you had a lovely break and feel refreshed and ready to take action on your plans and goals for 2020.

I always like to start the year off with some motivators around planning and goal setting, but I thought to start us off, I would talk about the Law of Attraction first.  Most of you have probably heard of “The Secret” the book by Rhonda Byrne, refer to this website if you haven’t.  It is based on the theory that thoughts become things, everything starts with a thought, which leads to an action which in turn leads to the results we get.  Our energy, thoughts and attitudes determine what we attract to us.  If we operate at a frequency of positivity, love, compassion, empathy, abundance and gratitude, we attract good things to us, in contrast to operating in a negative, hateful, grudging, “poor me” sort of way.

The key to using the Law of Attraction is in recognising that we are responsible for our own lives and taking action within it.  I often like to speak of it as being the Director of your Life.  Just as a movie director is the one in control, the one who has the clear vision and is taking action to bring it to life, we can be that person in our own lives.

Most of us tend to think that things happen to us, and it is totally out of our control, certainly there can be a lot that is out of our control eg, the economy, political decisions, what other people think of us etc etc.  However,  as our quote tells us so clearly, we have control over our thoughts, our visualisations and our actions. Make 2020 the year you decide to do that, if you haven’t already managed it before.  Even, if you have done this before, there is always a need to review our progress and maybe make some changes.

So, let’s get started this year, by having a clear vision of how we want our lives to be, of what you want to attract into it.  Here is a template to help with that.  Click Here : Be Do Have Template.  This is the first step in creating what you want this year.  Next week, we will talk about how you can then turn that into some key goals so that you have an action plan to follow.

Have a brilliant week.