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When you’re busy working, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks and lose sight of the big picture.

If you feel that you are always busy but achieving nothing, it not only impacts negatively on you, but also your organisation or business.

Attending a creative workshop helps accelerate positive change. It will get you thinking of possibilities and how to achieve them, enable you take back charge of your life and get you back on track again.

To compliment my one-on-one business coaching programmes,, I run a variety of workshops periodically throughout the year. I can also tailor each of them specifically for individual organisation or groups.  Contact me for details or to make a booking .

All of these workshops can be tailored to suit your organisation.  They can be run as short conference workshops of 1 hour, right through to 1-day and 2-day workshops.  I can also deliver all of these topics as keynote speeches at your seminar or conference.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Financial freedom workshop

Find out how to manage your money and grow your wealth.

  • Find out how to manage your money
  • Find out how to change your money mindset
  • Find out how to grow your wealth

To book a place now, click here.


Yes You Can Balance It All – work/life balance workshop

If you are finding that life is getting in the way of living and you have no time for yourself or your loved ones, you will love this workshop.

  • Find out how to get off the treadmill and create a balanced life.
  • Find out how to prioritise so that the important stuff is taken care of.
  • Feel revitalised, re-energised and excited about life again.

This workshop is all about creating wonderful possibilities for your future.

Sign post indicating Yes You Can achieve your goals!

Yes You Can Achieve Your Goals – goal setting workshop

So many people tell me that goal setting doesn’t work for them. I tell them they just aren’t doing it right!  This workshop will help give you focus and direction.

  • You will discover how to get motivated about your goals and stop the overwhelm.
  • I will reveal all the secrets to successful goal setting so that you will stop drifting and feel excited about your future.

You will go away with a plan that makes you feel empowered and will set you on the journey to achieving what you want.

Sail boat sailing into a beautiful sunset

Vision creation workshop

Have you just drifted along in life with little direction and no sense of purpose?  What is your life purpose?  How do you feel when asked that question?  Do you know?  Have you ever even stopped to think about it? This workshop helps you discover those answers.

  • You will start to find your purpose in life, the big why that makes you feel like it is all worthwhile.
  • I will reveal the ways that you can bring your dreams to life and feel more fulfilled.

Once you get clear on that, your life will take on more meaning, you will become inspired and have a strong sense of direction.

Creative life planning workshop

This workshop goes hand in hand with the Business Planning workshop and I recommend that business owners do this one first, then follow up with the Creative Business Planning workshop. In this workshop we produce a visual plan for your life.

  • You will discover your life purpose and the values that are important to you so you get clear on where you are headed.
  • You will find ways to create an awesome life along with proven strategies to overcome the things that stop you.

The vision board/mind map/plan that you create and take away from this workshop will inspire you and give you direction for a successful future.

Laptop and sunlounger by the beach for creative business planning

Creative business planning workshop

This workshop is designed especially for all those ‘right brained’ creative business owners – those of us who detest the 50-page formal business plan with the rows of numbers and mind numbing detail. This is business planning with a twist.

  • You will produce a one page visual plan that will excite and motivate you, and make you feel goals are much more achievable. This plan is part vision board/part mind map/part business plan.
  • Your visual plan will lead you into setting annual goals for your business in such a way that everything seems easier and more do-able.

You will have a much clearer direction and be able to focus and prioritise to get your business running successfully.

Business man meditating on an arrow shaped cloud

Become a Soulpreneur – how to create a ‘heart-centred’ business

This is about helping you as a business owner to create a business that is fulfilling and meaningful. This is a new paradigm, a new way of doing business.  It’s more than just making money, it is a way of operating that goes way beyond that.

This workshop is for you if you are running a successful business but it somehow seems empty.

  • You will learn how to grow your business in a more fulfilling and contributory way.
  • Your business will prosper and grow as you contribute to a bigger purpose.
  • Your team will be more efficient and motivated as you lead them in a ‘heart-centred’ way.
  • You will find ways to grow your business so that there is always a pay back for others.

If you’re keen to make a positive difference in your life, your organisation or your business, contact me now and together we’ll put your plan into action.

New – Group Business Coaching – the affordable way to make a positive difference to your business AND your life.

I have one group running at present.  Meeting weekly for one hour on Tuesday mornings at the Ministry of Awesome.  These groups are limited to 6 people, only 1 space left on this one.  Call me or message me to find out more.

New group starting soon – for women business owners, get in touch and book your place, 6 spaces available.

womens group coaching flyer